Tuesday, 11 October 2011

BNP Panorama Programme: A Nationalist Analysis

So what to make of last night's Panorama?

I don't think the BNP leadership will lose too much sleep. Yes, there is the danger that they may be arrested for fraud. The tone of the programme though came across as quite petty and vindictive. The 'man on the Clapham omnibus' will be thinking "the BNP has done what all the other parties do and the BBC are chasing the BNP because the latter are 'racist'."

And if the man-on-the-street thinks that, the dwindling number of Griffin loyalists will think so too, with just a few put off by the evidence of sleaze, and so the BNP will continue to be some form of cash-cow.

There's not much more to it than that really and if you want to analyse it, pick through the minutiae then I daresay lots of forums (fora?) will do that. The worst part for the BNP was when NG slinked away from the press conference - it looked decidedly dodgy, as if he really did have something to hide. But otherwise... just looked like typical dodgy politicians doing what politicians do: skimming, infighting, flinging rumours and counter-rumours and fleecing their supporters.

The worst the BNP can expect is that the average voter will dismiss them saying "you're all as bad as each other."

I think if the BBC had wanted to kill-off the BNP they could have done. After all how does £2 Million profit in one year convert into £6-500,000 of debts? Over-spending just does not cover it. As the lady in Jack Ruby's bar in the film JFK said "it's as crooked as a dog's hind leg."

But then some of those being used to attack NG were a part of the original scams and so not exactly in a position to "incriminate" themselves in the fleecing of BNP members for the personal profit of a handful of people. The Gordian Knot that is the BNP's finances over the last few years is unlikely to be unravelled by any of those involved in handling those self-same finances.

And so the mess, the cronyism and the betrayal is likely to roll on. And if Griffin is arrested? More "donate now" mail outs to beat "the State repression" will follow, surely as night follows day.


Anonymous said...

Before joining the queue of NG bashers, the BNP response to the Blatantly Biased Corporation's programme should be viewed. It is amusing to watch the BBC squirm as their 'investigative' techniques, for once, are turned on them. Of course this sort of treatment is usually reserved for those the BBC deem unaccepatable who, apart from the BNP, includes anyone and anything White and traditionally English. No doubt NG has his faults (who hasn't?) but to expect the BBC exposure to be anything other than their corporate genocidal agenda is to miss the point.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right - the BNP raised 150,000 to "buy" a truck worth £20,000 THAT NEVER, EVER BELONGED TO THE BNP. That, my friend, is FRAUD.

Plain and simple.

A party that raised 2 Million in one year, which ran piss-porr campaigns robbing the front line of material, is now in debt to .5K

It does not make sense UNLESS the bnp leadership was skimming the money off.

Anonymous said...

"traditionally English" -- isnt it the BRITISH National Party.

Anonymous said...

Griffin illegally used Euro funds for non-party member Pat Harrington's Edinburgh office and tried to bully Brons into paying up - he rightly refused.

Anonymous said...

i like the way we are all supposed to be "NG bashers" -- i think it has been proved that NG has used an enemy media to "bash" other nationalists many, many times.

He is guilty of what he has, rightly and wrongly, accused so many others of.

As usual NG is the hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

NG has at least proved that he is a capable politician!

Twinkle Toes said...

"NG has at least proved that he is a capable politician!"

IS that damning with praise? Or are you having a laiugh?

he filled his own pockets whilst starving the front line of funds.

Money was drawn out of accounts in cash and givin to Mrs NG, meanwhile elections were lost cos no funds were put in.

The idea that the bnp is bust cos they spent all their money on elections is LAUGHABLE.

The money went into a few pockets.

Anonymous said...

FAO: Twinkle Toes

You need to lighten up you old fart.

But it is also a truth, because Griffin is merely acting in the manner of all career politicians.

PS Even though you spout your anti-Griffin I bet you still partake in the democratic charade and vote don't you?

Twinkle Toes said...

Anon: You make assumptions and presuppositions that anyone could fling straight back at you. I am not interested in petty "my dad is bigger than yours" with internet gossips. If you are active etc. good for you. I have nothing to prove, neither do you. So get over it.

The final analysis is that Griffin is a shyster who has shafted almost everyone in nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Griffin would walk straight in to any of the political party high table....because he has proved that he has an ingrained affinity to their ways.

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