Friday, 7 October 2011

Gay Tories are Wrecking Our Lives, Our Society, Our Traditions

Who's Yo Daddy? Answers on a Postcard
David Cameron says he is in favour of "gay marriage" (sic) because he is a Conservative. I assume he means Conservative with a big C, i.e. a member of the Tory political party, as he is certainly not a conservative in any meaningful sense.

What is he conserving? Certainly not marriage. Marriage is already in terminal decline thanks to divorce on demand, 60s liberalism, extra benefits for single parents (especially in-school mums getting council houses).

As marriage has crumbled, so society has worsened. We can say the rise in immigration and the slow death of Christianity plays its part too, but the headlong plummet of marriage as an institution has played the central role in society's demise.

So what will creating the oxymoronic "gay marriage" actually do? It will undoubtedly  weaken marriage itself, because it makes a mockery of marriage. Traditionally (I can hear liberals screaming!) marriage was undertaken for procreation. Marriage was the bedrock on which the family was built. You know - mum and dad, bringing up children to know right from wrong.

In a society where marriage is a "take it or leave it" where everyone has a "partner" (whether married for 50 years or a two week fling to be ditched at the next drink-fuelled night club evening) are we really surprised that there is no respect any more (and I don't mean in that negro-urban gun-totin' way which results in someone being shot by an Uzi for treading on someone's toe)?

We do not respect our ancient traditions. Marriage is an empty husk in many communities. Kids have no dad, or a plethora of "dad" stand-ins. Now we are to see the "partnership" of buggery, the sterility of dykedom, put on a level pegging with the sanctity of marriage with the procreation of children.

No wonder society is falling apart!

Cameron knows that he is sticking the knife in on a Tradition that is as old as the hills. He knows this will not help society in any way.

But he has his masters to obey. The pink pound will flow into Tory coffers. The "nasty party" image will be blurred by media-luvvies who approve in their simpering way. His Lodge membership will be advanced.

We are witnessing the knife being plunged into the heart of this land, of our traditions, and the sanctity of marriage by a Rothschild hireling traitor who was born into obscene wealth and will always have obscene wealth.

The chattering classes will approve. The media will approve.

Yet who wants this? There is no popular clamour for this.

  • There is popular clamour for an end to needless wars -- yet we bomb Libya.
  • There is popular clamour for a vote on the EU, yet we will remain members.
  • There is popular clamour for action against the utility companies who overcharge.
  • There is popular clamour for action against the banks who have delivered ruination.

Yet the Tories go against popular wishes, citing lack of time, or of the economy being "more important" than these "side issues."

So how come they ignore all these vital matters, yet still find time for yet another law giving the minuscule homosexual lobby everything they ask for?

To ask the question is to instinctively know the answer.

Needless Zionist war. Stupid pro-homosexual laws. Bankers bailed out and protected. EU membership protected.

It's not so much David Cameron, as Blairbot 2.0, and it is us, the poor working plebs of the land who are being shat upon from a great height for the umpteenth year!

Lost your job? Child killed in a needless war? Business closed down? Can't afford to heat and eat?

Never mind! At least we can see some poofs getting "married" in and on the media.

What a @#+#ing joke!


Anonymous said...

"Because I am a Conservative" utter, utter nonsense, the Conservative Party have not reflected the views or ambitions of real Conservatives since the days prior to Heath, that includes Thatcher.

Thatcherism is/was not Conservatism, at least the BNP were correct in their persuit of the Conservative vote (a policy adopted prior to Griffin!).

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