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The Marranos and the Role of the Enemies of Civilisation

War propaganda and lies started way before WW2
History often gives us examples we can use to our benefit. Warnings from history, if you like, of how certain forces behave.

Put your crash helmet on. This is a bit of a rant...

The Borgias are often used as the example par excellence of Catholic corruption, treachery, gluttony, murder, lechery, greed, cronyism, nepotism and worse.

What the 'modern world' choose to forget is that the Borgias were Marranos, the "secret Jews" of Iberia* whose very scandals against Christianity (secretly continuing their Talmudic and Khabbalah wickedness) caused the Spaniards to embrace the Inquisition.

The Inquisition - which, remember could only act against professing Catholics - was used to seek out heresy in Catholicism, in particular those who continued their Talmudic ways and/or sought to undermine Catholicism out of some sort of Talmudic hatred.

As a result, historically speaking, the Reformation by-passed Spain as the Spanish church was free of corruption, hypocrisy, heresy and those who would destroy it from within.

The fifth column within Christendom published Protestant polemical works and "six million hysterical-style" works against the Inquisition, not because they were Protestant Christians, but because they hated the Catholic Church for rooting out hidden Talmudism via the Inquisition, and open Talmudism in 1492 when the Jews were expelled from Spain.

Even non-Catholics must wonder why Spain remained a bastion of Catholicism (even providing the "shock troops" of the Counter Reformation that won back Austria, Poland, Hungary, Bavaria, etc. for Catholicism) when so much else of Europe shuddered and split (even countries such as Poland, Hungary and France).

And historians must also wonder if it is sheer coincidence that the terrible example of the Borgias, the Marranos that crept in and took the Papacy via guile, treachery, blackmail and worse, gave the ammunition to those who would attack Catholicism, split Europe and bring about chaos and bloodshed for many years.

There is a lesson here for patriots of every kind.

Those who turn a blind eye to the (actual or spiritual) Marranos of today, those who let them rise to the top without questioning their loyalty or defending the Truth, deserve all they get.

In England in 1717, the Marranos of that era formed the Freemasons, who would worm their way into rich and even royal circles. They would embrace revolution, murder and intrigue across Europe to bring down countries, to help their worldview and to destroy Christianity or make it subservient to their aims.

Liars and subverters
Is nationalism today wise to Freemasonry? To Freemasons and their nefarious ways?

When nationalism starts defending "Western democracy," homosexuality, feminism, Israel etc. etc. we have to wonder whose side we are on. Have 'we' been "flipped" by the Marranos of today? Certainly there are accusations being flung around that would make it seem as though the Borgias are alive and well and living in Britain.

If the corruption, cronyism, betrayal, sexual degeneracy etc. is as bad in nationalism as many think, then these evil days will be flung back in the face of nationalists many years from now, just as the example of the Talmudic Borgias are against Catholics even today some 500 years later.

The BNP have a Uruguayan candidate for the Mayor of London with the name of Carlos Cortiglia. NW Nationalists have unearthed someone posting on the Jewish Chronicle (official Zionist paper and Mossad disinformation outlet) website using that name (here). He heaps praise on the bandit State of Israel which is no ally of the UK, has illegal nukes and continually breaks UN resolutions with impunity.

Now maybe this is a troll who's out to make the BNP candidate look bad, but given that BNP London candidates have previously put out leaflets defending Israel and saying that Jews must support the BNP, that "only the BNP" can defend Jews against 'Islamofascists' and all the rest of the Murdoch-press style editorialising, we are left (as in the case of Peter and the Wolf) of putting the evidence together and coming to one realisation.

In the 1960s Freemasonry brought about changes in the Catholic Church, just as they carried out revolution on the streets, took over more political and media circles etc. via their Frankfurt School. They were out to change society, to put Marxist ideas in place of traditional Christian ones.

Just one of their lines of attack has been to put homosexuals in positions of power, in the media, in the church and in politics. That is why the population has been brainwashed into thinking that "homosexuality is OK" when even just a few decades ago it was an unthinkable abomination.

For the church itself this "homosexualisation" resulted in the paedophile scandal, and with Masonic-liberal placemen at or near the top of the Catholic church, they wanted to find excuses for the queers and move them around, cover-up the abuse and disguise their own ineptitude and mistake in allowing the queers into the seminaries in the first place (the rules pre-60s used to be VERY harsh against any sexual proclivities).

Viva Torquemada and Swazis? Zionists at work
To expose the queer-paedos was to expose the liberalism of the church under the heretical John Paul II, whose New Age happy-clappy ecumenical hog-wash had destroyed Catholicism and emptied the pews. The enemies of the Catholic church knew what was going on, but stayed quiet. They helped the cover-up. (Today they campaign to get more queers into the church).

Then, when Benedict XVI took over, the deluge began. What had been disparate whispering and micro-scandals broke, via the enemy/controlled media, into a global tidal wave. The church was crucified by the forces of Marxian-liberalism, who were the very ones who created the situation that allowed the abuse to take place in the first instance - just as a Pope started to make some noises that the liberals did not like!

You see, the enemies of civilisation, whether it is the church, politics, business or any other sphere of civilisation, will enter within, create a scandal - then scream from the outside that there is a scandal and use it to strengthen their position, usually via weakening or destroying the institution they entered in the first place, and usually once their placemen have moved on.

This is the lesson for nationalism, whether it was the forerunners of the Zionists creating the scandals of the Borgias, of the Pinko-Marxists putting queers into the church and creating the paedophile scandals of the 70s/80s.

Nationalists need to be aware. The Zionists, Freemasons and homosexuals, the spiritual heirs of these examples that history has given us, would love to undermine and wreck nationalism (from within and without). Some would argue they already have.

In the shadow of the Fox-Werrity scandal and the Mossad-front pressure groups who poured money into the shadowy groups behind their "friendship," we have to be aware that these people work in all manner of circles and in creepy ways, using greed, sex and ego to destroy their enemies.

Nationalism is not immune.


* Whilst being corrupt and degenerate, the Borgia Marrano Pope Alexander VI, according to his Wikipedia entry ..."distinguished himself by his relatively benign treatment of Jews. After the 1492 expulsion of Jews from Spain, some 9,000 impoverished Iberian Jews arrived at the borders of the Papal States. Alexander welcomed them into Rome, declaring that they were "permitted to lead their life, free from interference from Christians, to continue in their own rites, to gain wealth, and to enjoy many other privileges." He similarly allowed the immigration of Jews expelled from Portugal in 1497 and from Provence in 1498.

So we can see that sexual degeneracy, liberalism and favouritism to those who embrace the Talmud ("their own rites") are the hallmarks of the fifth column against Christian civilisation - from that day to this!


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Yes - I saw that. Very, very interesting indeed!

Well done for exposing a blatant cover-up.

Some people are obviously very concerned... as they should be.

Their [ahem!] 'axis of evil' is being exposed.

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