Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gadaffy Dead? Now the Suffering Starts for Libya

Mobile phone footage broadcast on the BBC
If the reports are correct and Colonel Muammer Gaddafy is indeed dead, then Libya can now look forward to years of suffering as Islamicists battle with those in new York's pocket. Usury banking and strangulation-force taxes are a joy the Libyans are yet to embrace, but which we in the "international community" enjoy from cradle to the grave.

The NATO bombing of civilian areas gave the lie to the UN resolutions used as an excuse to launch military attacks on the government of Libya. UN resolutions against Israel, with its concentration camps, child prisoners and illegal nukes, sit gathering dust in the meantime.

What tomorrow holds for Libya is as unclear as the CIA spin put on recent events, which including NATO commandos on the streets killing Libyans. As for the people of Tripoli and Sirte... their loyalties will be long remembered by those with Talmudic-style memories when it comes to retaliation and revenge.

No doubt the news media will wax lyrical about Lockerbie and WPC Fletcher, both crimes for which Libya had no blame, whilst covering up British funding of Muslim terrorists who had tried to kill Gaddafy in the past (and killed innocent by-standers) and the American terror air raids on Tripoli.

You see the "bad guys" are always the "terrorists" whereas the 'international community' (CIA, MI6, Mossad) when it bombs, kills, maims etc. usually just brushed it under the carpet.

Will Libya be one country under the heel of the Rothschilds? Or will it split into its component parts? Will it become a 'hardline' Muslim country? Or will it become a Western vessel state with all the endless debt, poverty and hunger that invariably follow?

Two things are for sure:
  • The truth about recent events in Libya has yet to be told.
  • The future for Libyans will be "interesting" to say the least.
The West will now screech for "democracy" knowing that they will be on-hand to pour in their money to ensure their place-men have a key role, if not outright control.

Now, regardless of the chaos, terror or retribution in Libya, the Neo Cons will turn their faces to Iran.


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