Monday, 10 October 2011

Libyan Resistance news

Keep an eye on this You Tube channel for 'the news behind the news' that the Rothschild-BBC will not bring you, including NATO Commandos being used on the ground in Libya, as well as the suffering of Libyan civilians thanks to NATO bombing (a direct contradiction of the UN resolution that they use as an excuse).


Catholic Militant said...

Hmmm, good find FC but how reliable is this information?

Any news on the treatment of Libya's Christian population at the hands of the rebels yet? The Colonel was always generally fair to them.

Anonymous said...

We should filter such info, as with BBC material.

Final Conflict said...

I cannot verify its veracity, it was sent tome by a good Comrade as a source of info from "the other side" in the conflict.

Anonymous said...

While I hope that it is true, I am not sure whether to believe it. It is clearly propaganda... As to how much of it was fabricated for that purpose would be hard to tell.

Nonetheless, good luck to the Green Resistance!

Forward the Green Revolution!

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