Monday, 17 October 2011

Ofcom Move Against Press TV: Neo-Con Pressure?

It seems Press TV, the Iranian English language news service, is to be taken off British TVs.

Yet we are told we have "freedom of speech" by the few Masons who run the media in the UK.Unlike Channel 4 and 5 Press TV doesn't put out porn. Unlike the Zionist Richard Desmond, Press TV doesn't publish hardcore porn. Unlike BBC1 and BBC2 Press TV doesn't undermine public decency and morality by promoting homosexuality, blasphemy or using foul language.

Still, if a channel does not publish porn, filth, blasphemy and crudities it can still be pushed out of the UK, on a technicality, if it is opposed to the Neo-Con and Israeli interests.

What is it the system fears? Aren't we allowed to watch an alternative to BBC/ITV/Sky News?

Watch Press TV this week (on Sky channel 515) while you can. If they push out Press TV, Nationalists should also check in from time to time on Russia Today (Sky 512). It's a good way to get an alternative view to the Pinko-leftist and Neo-Con Capitalist views of the "establishment" channels, whether it's their headline news programmes or in-depth features, interviews etc.

Ofcom's move against Press TV


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