Friday, 28 October 2011

The French Front National Surrenders to Freemasonry

Nationalism loses before it's even begun!

Ru Tube video

Why do political parties have to become Masonic in order to get even the crumbs from the top table?

As the young reporter Leon Degrelle - aka Tintin - might have uncovered in the interwar years, democracy is rule by a shadowy oligarchy in which all the main players have to surrender to their worldview.

We live in an oligarchy, a Masonic oligarchy.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Libyan Rebels Commit War Crimes

The BBC is reporting that the "NTC" rebel forces in Libya (preparing to be the new government) has carried out a war crime against prisoners.

Just the sort of affair Kampfgruppe Peiper was accused of in Normandy, 1944. So will the Libyan rebels chief face similar war crimes trials?

As the rebels committed war crimes against fighters and civilians alike, in places like Tripoli and Sirte (but it's all OK, cos they will have elections!), who was providing the cover that allowed them to raid homes, rape the women, cart off men to torture centres and murder PoWs? Why it was NATO - under the pretext of "protecting civilians" they even bombed civilian areas themselves!

It really does beggar belief doesn't it?

Friday, 21 October 2011

Australian Police Obey the Bankers - Against the People

And it's not just in New York.

The police in what were once civilised lands are protecting the usury-bankers and NWO elite.

"The people" come at the bottom of a long list.

NYPD: To Protect and Serve - Who???

Yes. We should ask that question: who do the state forces protect?

Our politicians tells us the first duty of government is to protect the people, yet they deliver us into the clutches of international financiers who bleed us dry, who embroil us in needless wars.

Who are they protecting? Not us.

Who are they serving? Not us.

Might we suggest: the "you know whos?"

Top cops have to be Freemasons. They do what the Freemason politicians tell them. The politicians are placemen of the Masonic bankers.

The few men who own the earth like to think we are "cattle" and they treat us as such, even using their Orwellian buzzwords to corral us, words like "Democracy," "Racism," "Fascist," "Rights" etc.

Even when thousands of people in the UK will die this winter because they cannot afford to 'heat and eat' whilst we funnel multi-billions into the clutches of the faceless bankers that keep us in relative penury.

All the while they will reward their placemen. Virtually every top politician leaves office and gets well-paid jobs (for doing almost nothing) as a reward for their treachery.

And that is why they will always pour money into the coffers of the bankers, whilst squeezing the rest of us until the pips squeak. So look at this video. Who are the police protecting? Who's giving the orders? Who do they protect and serve?

It sure as hell ain't "us."

Gaddafi Executed as New World Order Warning - Talmudic Revenge?

The execution designed to silence Gaddafi.

This looks like what Michael Hoffman calls the "revelation of the method" - in other words, the Neo Cons, the NWO, the Zionists are warning others, and showing their "power" by the public murder of a patriot.

Mussolini? Streicher? Saddam? All murdered in the most painful and heinous ways - as a means to get ultimate revenge on the enemies of the bankers and their puppets; and give a warning to those who "dare" to stand against them.

With Gaddafi we also have to ask if people like Blair wanted him silenced for fear he would show all the dirty deals and subterfuge "our" leaders undertake when dealing with African and Arab countries.

This is a very interesting and informative news broadcast (would that the BBC with MI6's John Simpson would do such a thing!). How long before Ofcom do to Russia Today what they have done to Iran's Press TV and ban it from our airwaves?

Welcome to the New World Order - where "our boys" can bomb a city to "protect civilians." It all seems so.... well, Israeli!

With thanks to: Thought and Action

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gadaffy Dead? Now the Suffering Starts for Libya

Mobile phone footage broadcast on the BBC
If the reports are correct and Colonel Muammer Gaddafy is indeed dead, then Libya can now look forward to years of suffering as Islamicists battle with those in new York's pocket. Usury banking and strangulation-force taxes are a joy the Libyans are yet to embrace, but which we in the "international community" enjoy from cradle to the grave.

The NATO bombing of civilian areas gave the lie to the UN resolutions used as an excuse to launch military attacks on the government of Libya. UN resolutions against Israel, with its concentration camps, child prisoners and illegal nukes, sit gathering dust in the meantime.

What tomorrow holds for Libya is as unclear as the CIA spin put on recent events, which including NATO commandos on the streets killing Libyans. As for the people of Tripoli and Sirte... their loyalties will be long remembered by those with Talmudic-style memories when it comes to retaliation and revenge.

No doubt the news media will wax lyrical about Lockerbie and WPC Fletcher, both crimes for which Libya had no blame, whilst covering up British funding of Muslim terrorists who had tried to kill Gaddafy in the past (and killed innocent by-standers) and the American terror air raids on Tripoli.

You see the "bad guys" are always the "terrorists" whereas the 'international community' (CIA, MI6, Mossad) when it bombs, kills, maims etc. usually just brushed it under the carpet.

Will Libya be one country under the heel of the Rothschilds? Or will it split into its component parts? Will it become a 'hardline' Muslim country? Or will it become a Western vessel state with all the endless debt, poverty and hunger that invariably follow?

Two things are for sure:
  • The truth about recent events in Libya has yet to be told.
  • The future for Libyans will be "interesting" to say the least.
The West will now screech for "democracy" knowing that they will be on-hand to pour in their money to ensure their place-men have a key role, if not outright control.

Now, regardless of the chaos, terror or retribution in Libya, the Neo Cons will turn their faces to Iran.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Marranos and the Role of the Enemies of Civilisation

War propaganda and lies started way before WW2
History often gives us examples we can use to our benefit. Warnings from history, if you like, of how certain forces behave.

Put your crash helmet on. This is a bit of a rant...

The Borgias are often used as the example par excellence of Catholic corruption, treachery, gluttony, murder, lechery, greed, cronyism, nepotism and worse.

What the 'modern world' choose to forget is that the Borgias were Marranos, the "secret Jews" of Iberia* whose very scandals against Christianity (secretly continuing their Talmudic and Khabbalah wickedness) caused the Spaniards to embrace the Inquisition.

The Inquisition - which, remember could only act against professing Catholics - was used to seek out heresy in Catholicism, in particular those who continued their Talmudic ways and/or sought to undermine Catholicism out of some sort of Talmudic hatred.

As a result, historically speaking, the Reformation by-passed Spain as the Spanish church was free of corruption, hypocrisy, heresy and those who would destroy it from within.

The fifth column within Christendom published Protestant polemical works and "six million hysterical-style" works against the Inquisition, not because they were Protestant Christians, but because they hated the Catholic Church for rooting out hidden Talmudism via the Inquisition, and open Talmudism in 1492 when the Jews were expelled from Spain.

Even non-Catholics must wonder why Spain remained a bastion of Catholicism (even providing the "shock troops" of the Counter Reformation that won back Austria, Poland, Hungary, Bavaria, etc. for Catholicism) when so much else of Europe shuddered and split (even countries such as Poland, Hungary and France).

And historians must also wonder if it is sheer coincidence that the terrible example of the Borgias, the Marranos that crept in and took the Papacy via guile, treachery, blackmail and worse, gave the ammunition to those who would attack Catholicism, split Europe and bring about chaos and bloodshed for many years.

There is a lesson here for patriots of every kind.

Those who turn a blind eye to the (actual or spiritual) Marranos of today, those who let them rise to the top without questioning their loyalty or defending the Truth, deserve all they get.

In England in 1717, the Marranos of that era formed the Freemasons, who would worm their way into rich and even royal circles. They would embrace revolution, murder and intrigue across Europe to bring down countries, to help their worldview and to destroy Christianity or make it subservient to their aims.

Liars and subverters
Is nationalism today wise to Freemasonry? To Freemasons and their nefarious ways?

When nationalism starts defending "Western democracy," homosexuality, feminism, Israel etc. etc. we have to wonder whose side we are on. Have 'we' been "flipped" by the Marranos of today? Certainly there are accusations being flung around that would make it seem as though the Borgias are alive and well and living in Britain.

If the corruption, cronyism, betrayal, sexual degeneracy etc. is as bad in nationalism as many think, then these evil days will be flung back in the face of nationalists many years from now, just as the example of the Talmudic Borgias are against Catholics even today some 500 years later.

The BNP have a Uruguayan candidate for the Mayor of London with the name of Carlos Cortiglia. NW Nationalists have unearthed someone posting on the Jewish Chronicle (official Zionist paper and Mossad disinformation outlet) website using that name (here). He heaps praise on the bandit State of Israel which is no ally of the UK, has illegal nukes and continually breaks UN resolutions with impunity.

Now maybe this is a troll who's out to make the BNP candidate look bad, but given that BNP London candidates have previously put out leaflets defending Israel and saying that Jews must support the BNP, that "only the BNP" can defend Jews against 'Islamofascists' and all the rest of the Murdoch-press style editorialising, we are left (as in the case of Peter and the Wolf) of putting the evidence together and coming to one realisation.

In the 1960s Freemasonry brought about changes in the Catholic Church, just as they carried out revolution on the streets, took over more political and media circles etc. via their Frankfurt School. They were out to change society, to put Marxist ideas in place of traditional Christian ones.

Just one of their lines of attack has been to put homosexuals in positions of power, in the media, in the church and in politics. That is why the population has been brainwashed into thinking that "homosexuality is OK" when even just a few decades ago it was an unthinkable abomination.

For the church itself this "homosexualisation" resulted in the paedophile scandal, and with Masonic-liberal placemen at or near the top of the Catholic church, they wanted to find excuses for the queers and move them around, cover-up the abuse and disguise their own ineptitude and mistake in allowing the queers into the seminaries in the first place (the rules pre-60s used to be VERY harsh against any sexual proclivities).

Viva Torquemada and Swazis? Zionists at work
To expose the queer-paedos was to expose the liberalism of the church under the heretical John Paul II, whose New Age happy-clappy ecumenical hog-wash had destroyed Catholicism and emptied the pews. The enemies of the Catholic church knew what was going on, but stayed quiet. They helped the cover-up. (Today they campaign to get more queers into the church).

Then, when Benedict XVI took over, the deluge began. What had been disparate whispering and micro-scandals broke, via the enemy/controlled media, into a global tidal wave. The church was crucified by the forces of Marxian-liberalism, who were the very ones who created the situation that allowed the abuse to take place in the first instance - just as a Pope started to make some noises that the liberals did not like!

You see, the enemies of civilisation, whether it is the church, politics, business or any other sphere of civilisation, will enter within, create a scandal - then scream from the outside that there is a scandal and use it to strengthen their position, usually via weakening or destroying the institution they entered in the first place, and usually once their placemen have moved on.

This is the lesson for nationalism, whether it was the forerunners of the Zionists creating the scandals of the Borgias, of the Pinko-Marxists putting queers into the church and creating the paedophile scandals of the 70s/80s.

Nationalists need to be aware. The Zionists, Freemasons and homosexuals, the spiritual heirs of these examples that history has given us, would love to undermine and wreck nationalism (from within and without). Some would argue they already have.

In the shadow of the Fox-Werrity scandal and the Mossad-front pressure groups who poured money into the shadowy groups behind their "friendship," we have to be aware that these people work in all manner of circles and in creepy ways, using greed, sex and ego to destroy their enemies.

Nationalism is not immune.


* Whilst being corrupt and degenerate, the Borgia Marrano Pope Alexander VI, according to his Wikipedia entry ..."distinguished himself by his relatively benign treatment of Jews. After the 1492 expulsion of Jews from Spain, some 9,000 impoverished Iberian Jews arrived at the borders of the Papal States. Alexander welcomed them into Rome, declaring that they were "permitted to lead their life, free from interference from Christians, to continue in their own rites, to gain wealth, and to enjoy many other privileges." He similarly allowed the immigration of Jews expelled from Portugal in 1497 and from Provence in 1498.

So we can see that sexual degeneracy, liberalism and favouritism to those who embrace the Talmud ("their own rites") are the hallmarks of the fifth column against Christian civilisation - from that day to this!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Ofcom Move Against Press TV: Neo-Con Pressure?

It seems Press TV, the Iranian English language news service, is to be taken off British TVs.

Yet we are told we have "freedom of speech" by the few Masons who run the media in the UK.Unlike Channel 4 and 5 Press TV doesn't put out porn. Unlike the Zionist Richard Desmond, Press TV doesn't publish hardcore porn. Unlike BBC1 and BBC2 Press TV doesn't undermine public decency and morality by promoting homosexuality, blasphemy or using foul language.

Still, if a channel does not publish porn, filth, blasphemy and crudities it can still be pushed out of the UK, on a technicality, if it is opposed to the Neo-Con and Israeli interests.

What is it the system fears? Aren't we allowed to watch an alternative to BBC/ITV/Sky News?

Watch Press TV this week (on Sky channel 515) while you can. If they push out Press TV, Nationalists should also check in from time to time on Russia Today (Sky 512). It's a good way to get an alternative view to the Pinko-leftist and Neo-Con Capitalist views of the "establishment" channels, whether it's their headline news programmes or in-depth features, interviews etc.

Ofcom's move against Press TV

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mother and Father Deemed Irrelevant or Offensive?

There is a piece on Griffin Watch, which deals with a media story on the EU putting "Parent 1" and "Parent 2" on passports so's faggots can put their details with a clear conscience (!). I felt a rant coming on (apologies to Ranting Ron) so here's my response:

We Need an EU Law so Sad Gits Can "Marry" Foodstuffs*
This is the ultimate reality for the Masonic and Red enemy. In a world where there is no OBJECTIVE TRUTH, but wherein everything is subjective to our whims, where "democracy" extends to the family and 'sexuality' (i.e. where parents have no rights to control their children, and where men can "decide" they are 'really women'), why is this so surprising?

In an age when nationalists attack Muslims for being opposed to homosexuality (one of their very few redeeming features) itself a remnant of the fact they are a Christian Heresy, why are we surprised that the EU is now dictating that a mother and father begetting children is no longer the accepted norm?

An OBJECTIVE TRUTH: a child has one father and one mother is replaced by relativist nonsense, viz that a child can have two mothers, two fathers, and no doubt one mum and one section of the Berlin Wall - or whatever crazy notion infects the body politic in the near future.

The modern world is, quite literally crazy. At the centre of it are the immoral degenerates called homosexuals. They seem to [if you'll pardon the pun] have a vice-like grip on this and the previous government and seem intent on pushing their (very) queer agenda, at a time when real parents have very real worries, and it isn't about "mother and father" being on a passport!

The EU is Masonic, Socialist - dare I say Satanic?

They have an agenda which is to destroy the family and destroy every last vestige of Christian civilisation.

There can be little doubt in an age when they tax us to the hilt to give billions to bankers, and at a time when families have rights stripped away, and homosexuals get "rights" left, right and centre.

We've been dealt a bum hand!


*As long as it is a loving, caring relationship, of course.

Libyan Patriots Fight Back in Tripoli Against the Terrorists

A "NTC" rocket launcher being used against Sirte civilians
So "Gadaffy Loyalists" (not "brave Libyan Resistance fighters defending civilians from roving gangs of terrorists intent on rape, beatings and looting") are fighting back in Tripoli.

After "the West" told us all it was super-safe, and everyone except Lady Gaga had made whistle stop tours there (usually only to the inside of some nondescript building that could have been in Slough!).

Don't believe the lies of the media:
  • NATO were not "protecting civilians" or else they would not be bombing civilian areas.
  • NATO forces HAVE been on the ground killing and maiming.
  • The Rebels have committed atrocities against civilians, including rapes in Tripoli.
  • And much worse will probably come out in the weeks, months and years ahead.
  • Is going house to house in Tripoli and Sirte any different from Benghazi - used an excuse to drag us into the conflict?

We should not be taking sides in a Libyan conflict.
We should not be enforcing Rothschild-backed regime change.
Nationalists should back the anti-usury Green revolution, whatever its minor failings.

Gadaffy's Green Book may not be pitch perfect for us, but it is a Libyan solution to Libyan problems and as much as it is based on the Fascist Corporatist/Medieval Christian Guild structures as espoused by Nationalists from the 19th Century to WW2 and beyond, we should give it our support and learn from its positive lessons and its mistakes.

Interestingly, one of the few outlets for some truth in all this - Press TV - is, so it is being Tweeted, being attacked by 'Ofcom' (the communications watchdog) and could well be taken off Sky satellite/digital TV. their reports clearly have the British State and its Zionist backers worried.

It is up to Nationalists to spread the truth about these world events, even if inbred, deadbeat morons in the BNP say we are "muzzie lovers" (as they did to FC when we were forthright in defending the Palestinian cause). The cheap labels thrown by those so keen to take the shekels of the enemy mean nothing to us Third Positionists.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Quote of the Week: Codreanu on Democracy

Tip of my Charles I-era foppish wig to Thought & Action for this one.
I normally plonk quotes of the week in the side column, but this one is just too darn big, so here goes lifted straight from the aforementioned blog of good repute... Rumour has it this is going to be the foreword for the next BNP manifesto. Kerching!

Codreanu wrote the following with Romania in mind but it can be applied to your Nation also:

“Democracy breaks the unity of the Romanian people, dividing it into parties, stirring it up, and so, disunited, exposing it to face the united block of the Judaic power in a difficult moment of its history.

This argument alone is so grave for our existence that it would constitute sufficient reason for us to change this democracy for anything that could guarantee our unity: namely our life; for our disunity means death…
Democracy is incapable of continuity in effort. Divided into parties that govern one, two or three years, it is incapable of conceiving and accomplishing a long range plan. One party nullifies the plans and the efforts of another. What was conceived  and built by one today is demolished next by another.

In a country in need of construction, whose historical moment is that very construction, this drawback of democracy constitutes a threat. It is as if on a farm the owners would change yearly, each coming with different plans, doing away with what the predecessors did, their work only to be done away with by the next owner coming tomorrow.

Democracy makes it impossible for the statesman to do his duty. A statesman of the greatest good will becomes, in a democracy, the slave of his supporters; he either satisfies their personal appetites or they destroy his backing. The statesman lives under the tyranny and permanent threat of the electoral agent.

He is placed in the position of choosing either the renunciation of his lifetime’s labour or the satisfaction of his supporters. And then the politician satisfies their appetites; not out of his pocket, but out of the country’s pocket. He creates jobs, positions, missions, commissions, sinecures, all of them loading down the national budget which burdens more and more the ever more bowed backs of the people.

Democracy is incapable of authority. It lacks the power of sanction. A party, for fear of losing its supporters, does not apply sanctions against those who live through scandalous business deals running into the millions, through thievery or embezzlement; nor does it apply any sanctions against political adversaries lest they expose its own shady deals and incorrectitudes.

Democracy is in the service of high finance. Because of the expensive system and the competition among various groups, democracy needs a lot of money. As a natural consequence it becomes the slave of the great Jewish international finance which subjugates it through loans and subsidies.”

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

BNP Panorama Programme: A Nationalist Analysis

So what to make of last night's Panorama?

I don't think the BNP leadership will lose too much sleep. Yes, there is the danger that they may be arrested for fraud. The tone of the programme though came across as quite petty and vindictive. The 'man on the Clapham omnibus' will be thinking "the BNP has done what all the other parties do and the BBC are chasing the BNP because the latter are 'racist'."

And if the man-on-the-street thinks that, the dwindling number of Griffin loyalists will think so too, with just a few put off by the evidence of sleaze, and so the BNP will continue to be some form of cash-cow.

There's not much more to it than that really and if you want to analyse it, pick through the minutiae then I daresay lots of forums (fora?) will do that. The worst part for the BNP was when NG slinked away from the press conference - it looked decidedly dodgy, as if he really did have something to hide. But otherwise... just looked like typical dodgy politicians doing what politicians do: skimming, infighting, flinging rumours and counter-rumours and fleecing their supporters.

The worst the BNP can expect is that the average voter will dismiss them saying "you're all as bad as each other."

I think if the BBC had wanted to kill-off the BNP they could have done. After all how does £2 Million profit in one year convert into £6-500,000 of debts? Over-spending just does not cover it. As the lady in Jack Ruby's bar in the film JFK said "it's as crooked as a dog's hind leg."

But then some of those being used to attack NG were a part of the original scams and so not exactly in a position to "incriminate" themselves in the fleecing of BNP members for the personal profit of a handful of people. The Gordian Knot that is the BNP's finances over the last few years is unlikely to be unravelled by any of those involved in handling those self-same finances.

And so the mess, the cronyism and the betrayal is likely to roll on. And if Griffin is arrested? More "donate now" mail outs to beat "the State repression" will follow, surely as night follows day.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Libyan Resistance news

Keep an eye on this You Tube channel for 'the news behind the news' that the Rothschild-BBC will not bring you, including NATO Commandos being used on the ground in Libya, as well as the suffering of Libyan civilians thanks to NATO bombing (a direct contradiction of the UN resolution that they use as an excuse).

Homosexual Lobby Denies Parents - the Madness Continues

"Mom and dad on their first date"
Mums and dads on passports are to be replaced by "parent 1" and "parent 2" because of the homosexual lobby.

The mad, bad, modern world dictates that we should be free to name our parents as whoever we feel we should, whereas common sense, science, fact and truth dictate that everyone has a biological mother and biological father. Even the "gay lobby" can't agitate that basic truth away!

So where next? Can a screaming liberal nutter put the name of an elderly tortoise as his father? If not why not? Surely that is the logical conclusion of this utter madness?

PC Passport

You think that's mad? No madder than changing marriage from being a legal, sacred and immemorial contract/oath between a man and a women "till death us do part" into an 'as long as it lasts' hug-fest between God knows what and God knows whom.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Will BNP Panorama be Used by Usury Bankers to Stop Opposition?

Christ drives the Usurers out of the Temple, woodcut
There seems to be some debate going on, on the interweb (also known as 'tinternet near the Pennines) over the Panorama programme on the BNP.

Now let us discount the Griffinites/Griffinistas, that motley band of ever-decreasing (paid) sycophants who employ several sock puppet personas to defend their lord and master. Their line seems to be "it's something over nothing" (which it clearly ain't) as sturdy and relevant as the Maginot line in 1940. As a second line of defence, they are screeching that those who "work with" Panorama are traitors to Nationalism, working with those of the Frankfurt School, the Marxists and uber-liberals of the BBC.

As I said in a previous post, Nick Griffin himself has a record of running to the same enemy media to attack other patriotic groups, so it is very much a case of "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Furthermore, whilst some of those appearing may have ulterior motives (such is our fallen nature), of those who have been royally shafted by Monsieur Griffin, and especially those who have been wrongly accused of illegality and about whom severe lies have been told in order to implicate them in serious law-breaking, who are we to question their motives and to doubt their need to clear their name in an 'official' and public channel? After all what else are they supposed to do? Write about it in an anonymous forum read by a handful where Griffin's attack-dog sock puppets will add lies to their account? Or write into the BNP website where their account will be deleted?

Someone else on the webesphere (forgive my failing memory, to many early mornings to watch the rugby, so I don't know if they were a "goodie" or a "baddie") said that we should not "blame" the BBC for raking over the ashes of Nationalism. Now I know that sounds glib, but what the chap (or chapess) was getting at, is that we shouldn't be concerned at a dog returning to its vomit, or a cat marking its territory - i.e. it is yucky, it may even be revolting, smelly etc. but it is what they do. Of course Nationalists can complain and highlight the nature of these people, as with usury-bankers, but in reality we should expect no less. In fact, it should help us to sharpen up our act, for if we were moral, upstanding and decent they could only moan at us for being nationalists! No crime there m'lord.

The impressive but ultimately useless Maginot Line
So ignoring the Maginot Line and having landed our paratroopers of logic on the Fort Eben Emael of the secondary Griffinite defence, let's send our Panzers of Truth through the Ardennes. There remain two more arguments about the programme (the French Army and the British Expeditionary Force, if you will) stopping the progress to Paris (Griffin's HQ).

The French Army argument is that the programme will not be a knockout blow, making a (deliberately) weak and partisan blow (easily dismissed as the actions of anti-nationalists) which will weaken the BNP popularity even further with the voters, but will deliberately not deliver the killer-blow. So Griffin (or Paris to continue the analogy) will stand, though wounded, and limps on (perhaps in a gradual, terminal decline) but like an open wound or a festering sore, causing more pain than hope, a frail shadow of its former strength.

The British Expeditionary Force argument is that the programme will be a killer blow to Griffin, perhaps not instantaneous, but an undeniable deadly blow that cannot be ignored. It will lead to a mass walk-out of those who have not already quit the BNP in disgust. It will mean a total collapse in support and votes. It will mean some criminal convictions at the top of the BNP and thus the destruction, ruination and total devaluation of the BNP as a party, as a brand and as an historical political body. Some like to think, no doubt, that this will happen overnight, but if it does happen it will be played out, court case by court case, election by election, defection by defection, revelation by revelation - because (if the evidence is to be believed) those at the core have a vested interest in keeping the books closed, the truth under wraps and the BNP solvent, as long as they can to protect their liberty, their income and (don't laugh) their reputations.

And so there we have it. France 1940, BNP 2011. Will nationalists learn the lessons of the latter as military historians have of the former?

I am going to repeat myself now, but do bear in mind that many readers don't read this blog as often as some others, they pop in from time to time. Yesterday I had the honour of meeting a group of very dedicated activists doing what they can to fight the good fight, and more than a couple of readers of this humble blog. Though I had never met most of them before, it was like meeting old friends, compadres in the struggle for truth and justice. Speaking to them it was clear that whilst some read the blog avidly, some pop in and out. That is the nature of the internet and the modern world. I am the same with many sites, forums, twitter and blogs that I really like. You try and keep up with them, but work, family and other matters "get in the way" and you end-up playing 'catch-up' or just fling yourself in and the deep end and hope it all makes sense again.

So, for regular readers, catch-up merchants or those in at the deep end, let me re-cap some of my favourite themes on this matter:

  1. The Flag NF, C18 & BNP. Whether we look at the 80s, 90s, or 00s, there are people used to disrupt Nationalism. Reactionary, Violent or Financial. The weaknesses in human nature are used by state assets. Mossad are known to use sex, pride or money to net their assets, using positive or negative means. Whatever one thinks of Mossad (and our own State services) they are not stupid. They know what to do, what buttons to push, what means to use and what misfits to appeal to or trap. As Nationalism is (nominally!) opposed to the money-power, so the money-power will use every means at its disposal to attack, wear down, split or (worst of all) control Nationalism.
  2. Nick Griffin. Third Positionists warned other nationalists over 10 years ago that Griffin would betray, sell-out and stab-in-the-back his Comrades in order to promote the one thing dear to him: Nick Griffin. Yet the BNP rode the crest of a wave. As he turned the BNP into a pro-Israeli, pro-war, anti-Muslim party, he seemed to get an easy ride from the enemy media. Some say that was a quid pro quo arrangement. And as long as Nationalists are happy to accept betrayal of principles (and I don't mean endless nit-picking over the minutiae of ideology, I mean the ejection of central tenets of nationalism), they will, it could be argued, get what they deserve. And so 10 years on at the centre of a perfect storm (banks, politicians and media all undermined) the BNP is a toothless dog, unable to rally the people in the cause of National Freedom and Social Justice. Accident or design? Financial gluttony, the love of money, was certainly the root of this evil, and that evil is the neutering, the side-lining, the ruination and the total discrediting of nationalism which (we should remind ourselves) at this moment, is the only political solution outside of usury-capitalism and state-socialism to the total moral, financial, social and political ruination facing not only the UK, but all of Europe, America and much of the "civilised" world.

So, whilst some may titter at the imbroglio in/of the BNP, especially those outside it or who have quit it in disgust at the financial and moral mess of its higher echelons (Granny-Porngate being just the choicest of examples), it is in reality a salient lesson for us all.

It may seem "boring" or "backwards" or (shock, horror) "purist" but they days when nationalism could afford to be amoral (let alone immoral!) has gone. Politics will never be a "clean" world, but it can be cleaner. We should also be aware that nationalism can attract some strange characters, with their own misconceived concepts of what nationalism is. Therefore we have a duty to ensure that nationalism is as "normal," family-based and sane as possible.

I do not claim to have all the answers and I certainly do not (unlike Monsieur Griffin) claim to be some sort of political or secular messiah, far from it being fully aware of my many shortcomings and frailties. I am happy to play a minor role, take a back seat etc. I am also happy to work with those I agree with 90% of their agenda (as long as certain central tenets are upheld). However, I and many others know that the modern world is failing. I and many others know that Nationalism has many of the (social, political, familial, economic and moral) answers needed to remedy the UK and many other states. I and many others are looking for a Nationalist banner to be raised, to defend Faith, Family, Nation.

Anti-Communist Posters in Vichy France
Extraordinary events require an extraordinary response. Take the fall of France in 1940: the total humiliation of French pride (no small thing!) led to many good souls to embrace the challenge when despondency and despair could have been the slough to slump into. Work, Family, Fatherland became the motto of Vichy France. Many brave young men went on the anti-Bolshevik Crusade. French patriots rose to the challenge and defended the honour of France at home and abroad, exposing Freemasonry and the enemies of mankind.

 The economic crisis, the MPs expenses scandal and the Murdoch phone message scandal have delivered huge opportunities. Let's be clear about that. It is a perfect storm for nationalism. It is akin to 1920s Germany. To 1930s America. Nationalism should be rampant! The banks, politicians, EUrophiles, media - all should be retreating before clear nationalist force. But just like the Catholic Church let in liberalism and Masonry 50 years ago (to be "in-tune" with the Modern World), and so turned a blind-eye to poofs and Marxists entering its seminaries and reaped the whirlwind in the paedophile scandal which an enemy media used to discredit it; so the nationalist movement has been undermined and weakened by events which began when the BNP changed its stance on Israel, so it could be in-tune with the "modern world" (Freemasonry) and be an "anti-Muzzie" pressure valve, making lots of money.

Now, just as Christianity must turn its back on Freemasonry, liberalism and homosexuality if it hopes to offer an answer to the mess materialism has made of the civilised world, so nationalism must turn its back on Freemasonry, liberalism and homosexuality if it hopes to offer answers to the political mess of the civilised world.

We are entering a time when people have to choose: eat or heat. The hard times will roll on. More people are put on the dole or in dead-end Mcjobs. The political classes are out of touch. They are either free-market Freemason usury Capitalists in hock to the banksters, or flea-bitten Freemason liberal-Marxists in hock to the banksters. Thus their only answer to the banking crisis is to pour "money" created out of thin air into the banks' vaults (computer systems) for we tax-payers to pay back with actual money, taxed from our hard-earned wages from our labour. We will be working to pay off the endless debts of the banking system!

Those who face the eat or heat challenge will be being taxed to pay the trillion pound debts of the billionaires' usurious banking system!

Where is the Christian Nationalist answer? Where is the Crusade against usury? Where is the sheer force of the urgument of common sense for the common good, Social Justice delivered for the betterment of all! With one fell swoop nationalism could destroy the Wizard of Oz nonsense of global Capitalism, and the dead-end ideology of the gulags that is flea-bitten Marxism.

Let's be frank. Those who offer freedom from debt, freedom from usury, and an answer to rapacious banksters who see the workers as a means to total taxation to fill their coffers, will be saluted by most of the people as saviours from debt slavery, taxation and the heat or eat generation.

Thanks to the shenanigans of the pilfering, morally decrepid BNP leadership, the Masonic system has ensured there is, at present, no credible answer on the horizon. For how can "nationalists" have an answer to the worst economic crisis in history when the "nationalist" party is involved in debts, dodgy finances, profiteering, fleecing small businesses, and allegedly breaking election laws on paying for election bills on time?

Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus
That is the criminal reality at the centre of the BNP scandal! That they are one more scandal on top of the banks, MPs and media. They have robbed us all of offering our answer in a clear way, for have no doubt: we have the answers, but an enemy media (owned/controlled by Masonic bankers) will use the example of the BNP as a brick bat to beat us all down.

So, at 8.30pm, Monday evening, on BBC1, do watch the Panorama programme on the BNP. But watch it fully aware of all its bitter lessons and all it should impart to patriots of goodwill for the future. Perhaps, as in days of old when we might have had good, Christian kings defending their people from external and internal foes alike (would that we had a Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain today!), we should intone:

Nationalism is dead. Long live nationalism!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Gay Tories are Wrecking Our Lives, Our Society, Our Traditions

Who's Yo Daddy? Answers on a Postcard
David Cameron says he is in favour of "gay marriage" (sic) because he is a Conservative. I assume he means Conservative with a big C, i.e. a member of the Tory political party, as he is certainly not a conservative in any meaningful sense.

What is he conserving? Certainly not marriage. Marriage is already in terminal decline thanks to divorce on demand, 60s liberalism, extra benefits for single parents (especially in-school mums getting council houses).

As marriage has crumbled, so society has worsened. We can say the rise in immigration and the slow death of Christianity plays its part too, but the headlong plummet of marriage as an institution has played the central role in society's demise.

So what will creating the oxymoronic "gay marriage" actually do? It will undoubtedly  weaken marriage itself, because it makes a mockery of marriage. Traditionally (I can hear liberals screaming!) marriage was undertaken for procreation. Marriage was the bedrock on which the family was built. You know - mum and dad, bringing up children to know right from wrong.

In a society where marriage is a "take it or leave it" where everyone has a "partner" (whether married for 50 years or a two week fling to be ditched at the next drink-fuelled night club evening) are we really surprised that there is no respect any more (and I don't mean in that negro-urban gun-totin' way which results in someone being shot by an Uzi for treading on someone's toe)?

We do not respect our ancient traditions. Marriage is an empty husk in many communities. Kids have no dad, or a plethora of "dad" stand-ins. Now we are to see the "partnership" of buggery, the sterility of dykedom, put on a level pegging with the sanctity of marriage with the procreation of children.

No wonder society is falling apart!

Cameron knows that he is sticking the knife in on a Tradition that is as old as the hills. He knows this will not help society in any way.

But he has his masters to obey. The pink pound will flow into Tory coffers. The "nasty party" image will be blurred by media-luvvies who approve in their simpering way. His Lodge membership will be advanced.

We are witnessing the knife being plunged into the heart of this land, of our traditions, and the sanctity of marriage by a Rothschild hireling traitor who was born into obscene wealth and will always have obscene wealth.

The chattering classes will approve. The media will approve.

Yet who wants this? There is no popular clamour for this.

  • There is popular clamour for an end to needless wars -- yet we bomb Libya.
  • There is popular clamour for a vote on the EU, yet we will remain members.
  • There is popular clamour for action against the utility companies who overcharge.
  • There is popular clamour for action against the banks who have delivered ruination.

Yet the Tories go against popular wishes, citing lack of time, or of the economy being "more important" than these "side issues."

So how come they ignore all these vital matters, yet still find time for yet another law giving the minuscule homosexual lobby everything they ask for?

To ask the question is to instinctively know the answer.

Needless Zionist war. Stupid pro-homosexual laws. Bankers bailed out and protected. EU membership protected.

It's not so much David Cameron, as Blairbot 2.0, and it is us, the poor working plebs of the land who are being shat upon from a great height for the umpteenth year!

Lost your job? Child killed in a needless war? Business closed down? Can't afford to heat and eat?

Never mind! At least we can see some poofs getting "married" in and on the media.

What a @#+#ing joke!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

BNP Ex-National Treasurer Dies of Heart Attack (David Kelly, Robin Cook...)

"Not a good treasurer" - such praise for a dead BNP "comrade"
David Hannam, perhaps best known for trying to take an under-16 y.o. girl to his bed at a BNP conference (despite being married) has, so Nick Griffin twittered, died of a heart attack.

Hannam was born in 1981. No-one is suggesting a man of 30 cannot have a heart attack, but just as the BNP finances come into focus, how "convenient" for the pocket-fillers to now have someone to point the finger at, who cannot respond to the lies, as other ex-National Treasurers have done.

It is hard not to come to one of two conclusions about the death of a very young man in such circumstances:

  1. That the stress put on him via the dodgy finances and investigations contributed to his early death
  2. Or that the State has done a "Dr David Kelly" to try and tie up the loose ends.

Either way the BNP chief (already slapping down Hannam's character by saying he was "frankly not a good treasurer" -- leaving some to ask why he was employed over a registered accountant then) is, being charitable, at best partly responsible for his death.
The ground is prepared for Hannam to be the fall-guy

For Hannam to die at this time simply cannot be seen to be coincidence. Certain non-BNP member(s) close to Nick Griffin are already laying the blame for missing monies and dodgy accounts, on public forums (see image to the right), at the door of Hannam... how very convenient!

Just as another ex-National Treasurer went to BBC Panorama to deny the lies of the BNP surrounding a missing £37,000, so David Hannam dies and is already being put in the frame.

It's all very, very intriguing.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Panorama BNP Special: 10th October. Get the Popcorn Ready

Tip of my White Power Bobble Hat to Griffin Watch for this news.

The BNP story is a sad one, but we warned nationalists of this over 10 years ago! We said the BNP would be dragged down, and the good name of nationalism with it.

Many years ago Nick Griffin went running to the establishment media. The Express, currently owned by a Jewish pornographer, were doing a story. I think the reporter was State/Searchlight-asset Yvonne Ridley who later "converted" to Islam and is now some sort of lefty-feminist-integrationist-Muslim-rights wallah. All very seedy.

Anyway, with the Express's story on the Third Position (they even hired a helicopter to take photo's!) which was the usual Searchlies concoction of extremists, terrorists, MI5/6, "anti-Semites," UDA/IRA etc. etc. Nick Griffin ran into the arms of the Porno-Talmudo-Searchlies-State set-up to denounce his erstwhile comrades as "mad not bad" whilst denouncing them and getting his tuppence worth of publicity. This was especially irksome as one of the TP comrades at the centre of the Express story, which Griffin delighted in adding to with his own spin, had been ripped off by NG, taking thousands of an inheritance to buy useless printing machinery in another hairbrained 'get rich quick' scheme.

I wonder if the same Nick Griffin will now condemn those talking to Panorama -- who have either having been ripped off by him, put in dodgy situations by him (with the courts etc.), and so are protecting their own backs -- as "state assets" or "Searchlies spies" when he was so quick to run to the media (when his ex-TP comrades had not dumped on him to the media or authorities) with false tales and rent-a-quotes, as he sought to ingratiate himself with the BNP?

Or is working with the Zionist media to attack nationalists OK if it is in Nick Griffin's interests to do so, but not acceptable if it goes against Nick Griffin's interests? To the impartial observer of BNP goings-on, that certainly seems to be the case.

The sad thing is that too many people have stayed quiet, looked the other way and so forth whilst the BNP has been carved up. A suitable heading for the BBC programme might be "Where Have the Millions Gone" after all just a year or two back the BNP were boasting of their having raised quite a few million in one year. Plus there's the Euro MEPs with their salaries, staff salaries and expense accounts.

Those who looked the other way may have done so for good reasons - e.g. so nationalism didn't get bad publicity - but the bad news just kept snowballing and snowballing - and now there's an avalanche of bad news, court cases, debts and more.

Meanwhile those who turn to the BBC may have various motives, some may be honest and some not. Some may be decent and some not.  Some may be genuine patriots and some not. But as the rumours, spin and half-truths start flying back and forth let us not forget that it was Nick Griffin who was happy to work with the likes of Aaronovitch, and who attacked fellow nationalists whether the Third Position, National Front or even the "dinosaurs" in the BNP.

We will have to wait and see what the BBC have unearthed, and what the corruption in the BNP has gifted the enemies of nationalism.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Libya: The Spirit of Blair Lives on as Libyan Civilians Dodge NATO Bombs

So let's get this straight shall we?

Civilians are fleeing Sirte the Gadaffy "stronghold," leaving their property, homes, livelihoods, schools, jobs...

This is the same city that NATO have been bombing as part of their remit to, erm, protect Libyan civilians from Libyan armed forces.

Outside Sirte wait, erm, Libyan armed forced, ready to storm the city. Even as the civilians fled, NATO were still bombing the city.

So exactly which Libyan civilians are NATO protecting by bombing Libyan civilian areas? And who will protect the Libyan civilians who stay in Sirte, to protect their property, from the Libyan armed forces waiting outside the city to wreak havoc/revenge (as they did in Tripoli, even raping women).

Well done NATO! You have excelled yourselves in twisting a UN Resolution beyond all recognition.

The Spirit of Tony Blair QC lives on! Business is still good for war criminals and profiteers.

Time to Tally up Civilian Deaths

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