Saturday, 14 January 2012

75 Years On: Spanish Civil War Martyrs Remembered

With thanks to Thought and Action blog:

Mota and Marin died 75 years ago yesterday,the 13th January 1937, fighting on the front line of the Spanish War for Liberation at Majadahonda, near Madrid.

They were members (Mota was deputy-leader) of Codreanu's Iron Guard who volunteered to fight side by side with the Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Irish and others who went to Spain to fight for Christianity, Nationalism and Freedom.

This video has a lot interesting images of Legionary and Falange activities and actions at the Legionaries' memorial.

When our online shop is back up and running (soon we hope!) we have small frameable prints of the Majadahonda monument which will be available.


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Nationalist from Scotland said...

Please get your great shop up and running again ASAP. It has some of the best nationalist products I have ever seen. And be sure to post on here to let us know when we can shop there again.

P.s.: Product suggestion: Falangist Arrows & yoke flags would go down a treat

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