Saturday, 14 January 2012

Socialist, Communist and Anarchist Slogans Interpretated

"Bigger State! Bigger State!"
The Fourth International is not the latest play-off match for the world cup.

Das Kapital is not Berlin.

No Pasaran - and no it's not Paris either.

Stop the Cuts is not an anti-guillotine retrospective

No war but the class war is not a pacifist slogan of inner city teachers.

You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains is it an airport warning notice to S&M deviants?

Such a good slogan he grabbed a few
Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live! is not a Dr Frankenstein manifesto promise.

Tax the Rich and everyone else to the hilt to pay for shysters.

LGBT isn't the Lettuce, Granary, Bacon and Tomato sandwich appreciation society?

Troops Out is not a call for new pink uniforms for LGBT soldiers.

Right to Work and the biggest right not to work!

This Comrade was expelled for just not trying!
Capitalism Kills as much as Communism and Atheism (slogan of the Jealous League).

Smash the State because an even bigger State is needed.

No Justice No Peace, Lord Justice No-Peace QC didn't go along with the MacPherson Report which he called a chip-on-shoulder immigrants' charter. Boo.

Property is Theft is why no Anarcho-Reds live in posh houses (Islington, Chiswick, Golders Green etc.)!

Not the Church Not the State, Women Must Decide Their Fate and what's for tea, oh no not egg and chips again?

and not forgetting: More gulags, grey blocks of flats and queues for food, and less nice stuff, which is surprisingly honest.

Now send in your leftie slogans and possible interpretations. And make them fun, fun, fun!

(no swear words please)

And for some real fun look at this lefty forum site Urban 75 to see how even lefties argue amongst themselves about their "No Borders" slogan and policy. Should the proles get wound up by lefties shouting "no borders" before returning to mummy and daddy's white-flight rural retreat for the holidays or should they cover up their beliefs and go for something more populist and so not frighten the genuine workers?


Anonymous said...

No Borders. Is the lefties very kindly letting us know that they are a newsagency to rival Reuters, this is a newsbite they provided many years before Borders did in fact disappear!

There is a power struggle of sorts withing the lefie ranks as to what marx would make of Waterstone's dropping the apostrophe this is believed to be why we have not yet witnessed "No Waterstone's" placards......yet!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wimmin have marched on private clinics but, not in a well overdue campaign against abortionists oh no! they were protesting because they were mislead about their false tits.....Britain is indeed witness to a substantial number of morons.

We need nationalism to save these morons from themselves!

Final Conflict said...

Already deleted one comment for foul language. if you must, use asterixes.

Rufus said...

By Any Means Necessary - provided it doesn't mean getting out of bed in the morning, or doing anything so working class as, erm, working!

Fight Racism - but only in areas where other people live, not in the lovely liberal areas where immigrants only appear in newspapers.

Smash the Police State - but use it to incarcerate all political enemies until such time as a glorious Trotskyite-Guevaran panoptican can replace the clumsy despotism of today with a perfected utopian tyranny, bless.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Final Conflict said...

Those who insist on behaving like 12 year olds by using foul language WILL have their comments deleted.

We are Nationalists and have standards.

Anonymous said...

standards? Would that be Evening Standards?

Final Conflict said...

Put your handbag away poppet

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