Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bob 'TV Nazi' Holness, St Stephan Lawrence and Murdered Arabs

Bob "Der Fuhrer" Holness
It is a little known fact that some people made official complaints to ITV (or whatever it was called back then) about the (recently deceased) Blockbuster host Bob Holness. It seemed on greeting new contestants he would fling his arm up in the air and they said this was "nazi".

Can I Have a P Please Adolf?

Is there nothing more absurd in this world?

Just the other day I saw a tweet from the Holocaust Educational Trust babbling on about Stephan Lawrence, and how terrible his murder was etc. etc. These are the same people who treat the mass murder, concentration camps, torture, expulsion and discriminatory laws used against the Palestinian people for over half a century as perfectly fine, and any attempt to equate that or the murder of millions by the Communists with their HolyHoax is itself a "hate crime" and proof of "anti-Semitism."
Ed Balls on his Blackbusters policy

Yet the wily old Zionoid was free to equate St Stephen Lawrence with his aged hoax, because he chose to do so, and he no doubt thinks this will 'lift up' his HolyHoax. Heaven forbid that we European-Whites should ever treat the non-European guests in Europe as badly as the Jewish "Israelis" treat the indigenous Arabs of those parts! And yet we patriots are lambasted for our "racism" when we say we are against coloured immigration by the very same vested interests who come out with the old canard that Israel is an "island of democracy." You couldn't make it up!

Isn't it funny that millions of Rwandans and Ukrainians can be wiped out, or an entire nation like Armenia obliterated, and the HolyHoax always retains it's topmost place, being taught in our schools (when we had no role other than to "liberate" Jewry). To try and equate their Holyhoax with anything else (even the 100 million killed by Communism) has been condemned by St Deborah Lipstadt as a form of anti-Semitism. 

Having their Kosher-Cake and Eating It

Yet when it suits their aims and they want to look "all inclusive," instead of practising racial separatism and having some of the strictest racial laws in their own artificial homeland (their ownership of which is based on a covenant they broke when Christ was murdered; not including the many Jews who converted to Talmudism of the Pharisees and Kabbalistic Black Magic since then), then they are happy to equate their Holyhoax with the murder of a single individual or the strange arm greeting of a TV gameshow host!

Killing time until Blockbusters was on
But don't ever say to the self-chosen few who run the Holocaust Industry (who will even call Jews who question what they do "anti-Semitic") that the wanton murder of a single Palestinian by racist Jews, or the bizarre behaviour of anyone (let along a TV show host) could be equated to the HolyHoax, for then you too will be an "anti-Semite."

It's all so very two legs good, four legs bad... Two legs good, four legs bad... Four legs good, two legs bad...

Isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Bob was the subject of my favourite bit of trivia:

"Who was the first James Bond?"

Bob Holness.

Anonymous said...

...of course Ed Millipede considers him the star of 'Blackbusters'

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