Friday, 27 January 2012

Final Conflict Online Shop Up and Running

We've even got toddler's t-shirts
Some great news for everyone who's been asking: the Final Conflict online shop is finally up and running again.

We hope to edit it over the next week or so and bring it up to date, but in the meantime we would like you to make orders to top-up on books, stickers and all the collectibles you've been itching to get.

Some items you might be interested in:

  • The Protocols of Zion (in the books section)
  • FC Celtic Cross self-adhesive stickers (in the stickers section)
  • Codreanu poster - painting by English Nationalist (in posters section)
  • Celtic Cross Flag - in red or black (in flags section)
  • FC Mag back issues (in the FC Magazines section)

and we have loads of shirts, CDs, patches, keyrings, hats, stationery and more.

Please support FC by supporting the FC Online Shop.

We can take credit card payments and if you contact us ( we can give you details of how to make a paypal payment.

Thanks for your support.


A big thanks to our Comrade who solved the problem with the shop (and the others who helped along the way). It's at times of great difficulty you find out who your friends are.

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