Sunday, 15 January 2012

Stephen Spielberg's Big Holocaust Lie- Exposed

Spielberg's The Last Days film got an Academy Award (Schindler's List of course won "best film").

Whereas The Passion of the Christ was, according to the LA Times "shut out of contention for Oscar's biggest honors."

See this wonderful documentary here

It is clear that Hollywood is fighting a (anti) Cultural war for the "holocaust industry" and against Christianity. How else can we explain the fact that "holocaust" films get lauded and given gongs, whereas one single film that tells the history of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ gets brickbats, smears, blockades and attacks by the media, the "experts" and the "hate watchers."

Many thanks to News From Atlantis blog for bringing this to the blogosphere's attention. The video contains absolute proof of the lies told by a minority of survivors as they climb aboard the 'holocaust industry' gravy train.


Anonymous said...

Yes, while it is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to deny the Crucifixion, you dare not deny the "holocaust".

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