Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Where Does Liverpool's Luis Suarez Holiday?

I was wondering, what with his break from football where Luis Suarez may consider taking a holiday.

Some black activists wished to create a New Negroland as a part of "Pan Negroism."

Funnily enough, if you follow the link you'll see it had no outposts in England or Europe.

How times change... God bless the politicians who allowed millions of non-Europeans to come here! Oh how we have been "enriched."

Meanwhile, the homo-rag The Pink Paper is taking legal action after a pooftah reporter overheard the end of a conversation about Suarez:

A man in pink spandex shorts had asked "where's Suarez from?"

And a Liverpool player had innocently replied: "I'm not telling you," then instantly thought better of it and said "Uruguay."

The FA says he'll be banned for 8 matches for a "homophobic hate crime."


Anonymous said...

Apparently Evra ran to the ref and declared that Suarez had called him a negro!

WTF is Evra if not a negro?!

Strange that the previous 'racial incident' involving Evra was with Chelsea who were also rivals to Manure's Premiership ambitions.

By the way, Evra is a black bastard, has anyone got a problem with me declaring that? Good.

Rufus said...

I love that map. I would argue with the idea of being called a Saxon, but that's just my stubborn Celtic and Slavic genes for you! Its nice to see Greater Europe as it should be. Bravo!

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