Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tesco's Back Down on Poof-Fest - Keep Up the Pressure

Plenty to lose...
After a concerted campaign, Tesco's have backed down from an ongoing sponsorship deal with the London Walking Around with Our Arses Hanging Out, Leather Clad Degenerate Scumbags and Pierced Butch Dykes Rally (aka London "Pride").

This followed their decision to stop sponsoring events by a cancer charity, and the remarks of one of their head honchos that Christians opposed to "homosexual marriage" [sic] were extremists.

As the commentator Francis Phillips explains, they will still back sodomite groups, they will still back the poof rally this year and (to my knowledge) they have not sacked their R&D boss who made the comments against Christians.

So at the very least all decent people should continue boycotting Tesco's during 2012 - and if you get the chance tell them why.

Even more reasons to "send 'em back!"
They could have pulled the plug on the homo-fest this year (which breaks the law on public decency and blasphemy every year), but have chosen to stand by it.

So whilst this is a great victory, and shows what can be done with some well concerted pressure by the majority against a shrill but bank-rolled minority of degenerates, we must not be complacent.

Keep up the pressure and keep up the boycott, at least during 2012, and be ready with the next campaign. The next business that thinks it can promote sodomites and undermine our values must feel the wrath of the "men of goodwill" via pushing our message out on friendly blogs, websites and all the usual social media channels (not to mention sending emails to the companies in question).

It's a battle won. But the war goes on.


Anonymous said...

Keep the pressure on, these Talmudists are only concerned with the bottom line....profit.

We need to boycott these scum until our demand that R & D personage is removed....and make them realise that, yes, most of Tesco's customers ARE straight and at the least are very antagonistic towards sexual degenerates who they class as being paedos and queers.

Anonymous said...

Try forming an opinion instead of slating something you clearly know nothing about.

As for the comment above: That’s funny since more Priests and straight people have been prosecuted for child abuse than Homosexuals.

However, I agree, there are some rather vulgar things that happen at GAY PRIDE which need to be toned down or stopped. But you are all going to find yourselves up ‘sh*t creek’ with no paddle but a pink one soon. Most gay people are not the ‘screaming queens’ you see on television. They are managers of banks, owners of businesses and even CEO's of multi billion pound industries. So next time you decided to slate something you know nothing about, try doing it with your own faith because you all seem to know nothing about that.

All you do is contradict yourselves and read out of a story book, which by each page contradicts itself even more. If God truly didn’t want gay people on earth he would have used his ‘almighty power’ and made it impossible to be gay in the first place. However God gave man free will, therefore you are slating something you believe in and when something like Homosexuality comes along you can’t accept it. Even though the bible says you should accept everyone and treat everyone the same. It teaches you that you should not hate, and yet that is exactly what you are doing.

I would maybe sit down and have a rethink next time you think you will ever 'win' against us gays, because unlike you, people have an opinion. Something they decided themselves and not by mass harassment or judgement by right winged bigots like yourselves. The acceptance of Homosexuality is something coming closer and closer each day and even now, we are more of a majority than you human-kind hater extremists.

Looking forward to seeing all your responses. (As I know there will be many.)

An out and very proud gay young man.

ps. Tesco have not cut the funding on Gay Pride at all. Inside sources are saying they are having a review just to satisfy you people, but are still going ahead with a cause they feel strongly about. Ironically the amount of gay managers to straight ones in Tesco is about evenly matched so you maybe best giving up now.

Anonymous said...

Ben[dover] - ypou are talking, aptly enough, out your arse.

Paedophilia in the church - for example - is primarily down to the influx of faggots into seminaries post-Vatican 2 when the church relaxed its hitherto very strict rules against faggots entering the seminaries.

There is plenty of evidence out there that faggotry and paedophilia in intrinsically linked - not least the faggot groupos that push for faggotry to be pushed to kids, for age limites to be lowered etc. etc.

As for God, why? He doesnt stop murder, rape, drug pushing, thieves, drunkards. WE HAVE FREE CHOICE you numpty.

In an age of godlessness there is little wonder the sodomy is on the rise, and as you all exalt in your faggotry there can be little doubt it will destroy society.

faggotry in intrinsically evil and naturally disordered. It is sterile, imbued in the culture of drugs, death and anonymous & public sexual deviancy.

Now f### off you degenerate scumbag.

Anonymous said...

"the amount of gay managers to straight ones in Tesco is about evenly matched so you maybe best giving up now."

What utter gonads!

As usual faggots just pluck numbers out of thin air and expect us to believe them.

Like they say 10% are fags, when the true number if near 1%.

And that after YEARS of promotion in schools, on TV etc.

Degenerate filth.

Anonymous said...

FAO: Ben

Hope you die of AIDS you dirty little faggot, and God did indeed give man free will but for those who abused this priviledge he created a virus as a means to cleanse the rotten.

So what if CEOs, managers of banks, and of course we are well aware that many MPs and Police are faggots too, this is a contributary factor in Britain becoming a shithole.

Final Conflict said...

Anon: please dont use foul language, besides the word s###hole will only excite Ben the fudge packer.

These people ingest faeces for fun!

Anonymous said...

Dirty bugger Ben,

God gave us free will so that we may coose to do good and to worship God. We do not have to right to choose (or even to think) otherwise. We certainly do not have to right to choose sordid, degenerate lifestyles such as you have.

We shall never accept buggery, we shall never accept your "lifestyle", your "marriages" or your "right" to adopt children. We shall fight your influence on society. We shall not stop until filthy buggers such as you are, ornce again, being arrested and hanged, as you should be.

May the LORD have mercy upon your soul.


Anonymous said...


Not all who look in/contribute on this site are Christian, many are pagans/believe in natural law, buggery is not natural.

Catholic Resistance said...

Faggotry was rife in many Pagan European societies as was bestiality! Pick a side. White Christian militants versus the evils and poison of the materialistic Pagan world!

Anonymous said...

How the f**k is Paganism synonymous with materialism? an utterly absurd statement to make.

Catholic Resistance said...

No it's not, read the article "the modern Paganism" by Hilaire Belloc. Paganism in it's oldest form always strongly emphasised the worship of solid goods such as trees and rocks rather than anything spiritual, a tree could have been a God hence the fact that Christian missionaries had to hack down a "sacred" tree in Glastonbury just to show the Pagans that such an act wouldn't spell the end of the world. Similar to the modern worship of material goods now, any objective sense of spirtual truth goes straight out the window. Paganism IS materialism and vice versa, always has been. Especially today. Hence the fact that most modern Odinists do little more to express their faith other than wear a Thors hammer and occasionaly get drunk on mead by a camp fire. Anyway, didn't notice you deny the part about the practice of buggery and bestiality in old Pagan Europe?

Anonymous said...

firstly "Paganism" is being bandied as a catch-all term, it is similar to referring to Christianity as one cohesive body without taking in to account all the different sects and sub-sects et al.

Belloc had his own reasons for attacking 'paganism'.

Christianity itself worships 'materialism' but they use their own terms such as 'icons'.

As to Odinists, I think you have been mixing a little too much with the muggy boneheads who have a 'Conan the Barbarian/Manowar' belief!

Anonymous said...

Come on - grow up. Odinism is just a tribal thing, no more real than worshipping King Arthur. Do you think the Celtic pagans worshipped Odin? or fought them?

the Roman pagans destroyed the druids and said they were cannibals.

Paganism is just folk tales and returns us to worshipping drinking, whoring and bread and circuses, exactly why many say today's society is pagan.

I agree with Belloc. Old pagans did it out of tradition and most knew no better. Many/most "Modern" pagans do it out of hedonism and anti-Christianity.

Nationalism especially will get nowhere with its paganism. It will always fudge things - like Nick Griffin, who is a pagan.

Most modern pagans, druids, wicca etc., don't even KNOW what the religions they claim to follow actually believed or did! They are modern constructs, gullibly swallowed by idiots who think they are being 'alternative'.

The only clear answer to our problems as a society is to return to our traditional Faith, which protected the family, defending nationality, took care of the weak in our communities, and held the powerful to account for their actions - yes, in this world.

Romantacism, hugging trees, drinking mead or bonking proestesses by moonlight will more than likely get you into the company of more MPs and bankers.

I don't think we live in a pagan society, but i think we live in a Talmudic-secuylar one in which hedonism, drugs (as used in pagan rights), faggots and all the rest of it are freely promoted to try and undermine what was normal 50, 100 and 500 years ago.

Anonymous said...

One thing Pagans (and Christians) know is that ALL the 'Christian' festivals have been stolen from Pagans.

Celts were also not Odinist. The Romans would obviously have called Druids cannibals that is the way of the invader.

At least paedophilia was not a doctrine followed nor practised unlike the Papists, nor did they rob the people to pay for their lavish lifestyles/enrich their Church.

Highland Bob said...

oh here we go. Faggots entered the church in the last 50 years since the Mason/Heebs took over at Vatican 2.

What were the pagans' excuses for practicing cannibalism, ritual sacrifice and homosexuality?

The fact is all your pagan ancestors hated each other and each others' beliefs. Celts V Vikings, Romans V Celts etc. etc.

Most pagans dont even believe in all the fairy tales, they just want gedonism, booze or want to hate Christianity.

Look at Nationalism, throughout its history it has been Christian in the vast majority of nations.

The pagan nationalists in fascist times were just a joke, an embarassment and even Hitler slammed some of them in his camps.

Even Griffin has to pretend he isn't a pagan cos the thought of him quaffing ale from a horn and fighting giants or goblins would lose him even thre few sad sacks who still fill his coffers.

As the fags who they hate more than anything else: the Catholic Church. That is why they sought MArxist entryism to bring it down from within. Thank God there is enough of a remnant, enough of a fight back to speak out against homosexuality. Centuries of common sense can't be undone by 50 odd years of Fag/Mason infiltration.

Meanwhile I can't hear your druids at Stonehenge condemning homosexuality? Oh no sorry - paganism is all about the individual isnt it? So you are free to stick it up a rent boy's khyber by the God-knows-what-rules of the 57 brands of paganism?

Anonymous said...

Just WTF is this about Pagans and cannibalism/homosexuality/ritual sacrifice, you need to stop reading your comics.

Also, for your information, Crowley/Le Fay and all the other satanists/devil worshipers are not and never were Pagans.

By the way, we all know about marxist cadre infiltration in the 50s/60s of religious/political etc. institutions, but kiddie-fiddling was rife within the Catholic Church many a moon before that, Eoin O'Duffy for one would confirm this.

Anonymous said...

All the "smears" on pagans come from other pagans! so physician: heal thyself.

There may have been the odd case of kiddie fiddling, but nomoreso than in ANglican, Jewish, Muslim circles - and NOWHERE NEAR the amount in political, atheist, socialist circles (i.e. social services, council/govt run homes etc etc.)

Remember: prior to the 60s homosexuals WERE NOT allowed in the church, and there were strong tests to keep them out. A determined one or two might sneak through, but as most others named [inc pagans] do not ban fags, then the facts stand to reason.

It is in allowing entry [ooh matron!] to homo's that child abuse was allowed to happen.

With prime chutzpah, the fags themselves [and those who favour fag-rights, like atheists, reds, pagans, liberals etc.] now use the activities of the faggot/red entryists to bash the church which still has the remnant of its policy opposing homosexuality.

Another reason why nationalism must oppose homo members, because to oppose the degenerate behaviour of fags in policy but to allow them in the ranks - puts you in the stupid position of the 60s Catholic Church, where they will rot you from within AND expose you to chants of hypocrisy.

Nationalism and Catholicism must revert to a steadfast anti-homosexual stance and practice.

We also have the situation now where kids are left in council homes (where a huge proportion are abused and end up on drugs, as prostitutes, and/or as abusers themselves) because the pro-faggot state would rather see Catholic adoption agencies close down, simply because they will NOT place kids for adoption with homo-"couples" or WILL place them with couples who state homosexuality is WRONG.

In decades to come I wonder if we'll see the number of children abused in atheist/red/state council homes and the numbers abused in homosexual households... Or will we still have ridiculous anti-Catholic propaganda?

Erm... btw Crowley the Satanist was a Pagan too, he gave over his OTO org to the geezer who invented Wicca, one of the most popular modern pagan 'branches' [popular with dykes too]. Satanists and Paganism often intertwine, if you are unfortunate enough to see what the Satanists themselves write [left hand path, right hand path] and how wcca-satanism-white witches etc. all intertwine. You may think Satan doesn't exist, but the Satanists see pagan gods as part of their worldview, partly as demons,partly because they are anti-Christian, and try to recruit in those circles.

Like low level Masons [stupid, idiot, anti-Christian prancing and entoning] and high level Masons [evil and Satanic].

They do this themselves, i nor anyone else has to make this up.

Anonymous said...

a mate of mine sells Thor's Hammer's online and he told me loads of the buyer's have email address's with Lucifer, 666, Satan, Demon and similar.

So how come pagan's say they aint satanist's? something aint right imho.

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