Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Institutional Anti-White Racism in the Police, Judiciary, Media and Political Classes

This is a superb video which makes most/all of the points raised by FC over the years, including these key issues:

  • Loss of ancient rights viz Double Jeopardy (leading to possible State abuse of innocents). 
  • Ridiculous subjective nature of "racial" incidents in law in favour of "ethnic minorities" and so discriminatory and hence probably illegal. 
  • Media cover-up of racial attacks against whites (meaning an ipso facto racially-biased conspiracy across the media titles/channels).
Something is rotten in this system, and the law, politicians, police and media are involved!

We are the victims of this prejudice and slanted policing, non-reporting of crimes and a badly skewed criminal justice system.

Watch this video. Understand its implications. Tell others. Spread the word.

Discrimination, even against homosexual degenerates, is supposed to be illegal. Yet it is encouraged when it comes to the many white victims of the criminals amongst the guest 'communities' we have in this country.

Spread the word, if for no other reason than to remember the vicious murder of Kriss Donald, the Glaswegian 15 year-old boy tortured, murdered and burnt by Asian thugs. A vicious anti-white murder that the entire media decided we do not need to know about!

The Strathclyde Police admitted to dropping Operation Gadher which had acted against Asian gangs in the area. If it had been left open, this could have saved Kriss's life, but the police feared being labelled "racist" and so shut down the very Operation that could have stopped what is probably the worst racially motivated murder in the UK. The BBC itself admitted to under-reporting Kriss's murder.

These are just two prime examples of institutional political correctness which led to bad decisions which impacted on the crime itself and public knowledge of the crime! Why were these decisions made? Who stands to gain?

It is not illegal to ask these questions. It is not "hatred" to want to stop the murder of white people. It is not "racist" to fight for our streets to be safe from knife or gun crime.

The politicians often tell us we fight (needless and illegal/immoral) wars around the world to "keep the British people safe" and yet we are not safe! Not from "Muslim extremists" in Asia or the Middle East, but from the muggers, drugs gangs and the knife and gun wielding hoodlums that litter the streets of our cities.

Remember a few years back when the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith took her armed protection officers with her on the streets of South London just to get a take away? Sadly most of us don't have that luxury, yet from their white-flight plush homes (in the case of Smith the luxuriousness of which was helped along by tax-payers' money she conned out of the MP's expenses system, yet miraculously evaded jail), the people who run the media, political machinery, courts and police, tell us continually how immigration has "enriched" us, whilst the rest of us have to take to the streets unprotected from gangs and suchlike.

If the politicians really want our people to be safe, then they should act here (not in Asia!) to stop attacks on people on the streets of London, Manchester, Birmingham etc.

And if they are serious about "stopping racist attacks" then why not come down hard on the many muggings, rapes, stabbings, shootings and other attacks carried out by "ethnic" criminals against indigenous people, whose only fault seems to be their ethnicity/identity.

Or is Stephen Lawrence more important than the many English, Scottish and Welsh victims of racially aggravated crimes (not treated as such by any layer of the establishment)? If so, why?

I believe we are looking at institutional anti-White racism at every level.

Many thanks to GriffinWatch for putting this video on their blog.


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