Friday, 20 January 2012

Time for a Holocaust Musical? We've had Everything Else...

It was Ricky Gervais's and Stephen Merchant's series Extras which ran the episode in which it was stated that a film about the holohoax guarantees an Oscar. Now there's a truism.

Whilst an extremely well made and extremely popular film about Jesus Christ (The Passion of The Christ) was deliberately blocked by distributors and from the main Oscar awards, every big film about the holohoax, in reality war and pro-Israeli propaganda being relived time and time again for various vested interests (which Norman Finkelstein has labelled the "Holocaust Industry"), is a virtual shoe-in for an Oscar.

We have even had a Jewish film maker (Mel 'Brooks' Kaminsky) make a musical comedy (The Producers) about the Third Reich (not to mention Tarantino's "torture porn" and semi-sexual fantasies of Inglorious Basterds). So how far away are we from a musical comedy about the holocaust?

Cue the Evil German and the Avaricious Collaborators
Oh sure the usual people who decry it as "insensitive," but in reality they would love it as it would remind us all of how Jews (and no-one else?) suffered in WW2, how the deliberate industrial-scale mass extermination of Jews was a policy of the Third Reich, and bring the holohoax to a whole new level of people who might never watch The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas or The Reader.

Too low? Really? I don't think it would be too low for them - we are talking of a group of people who insist on the holohoax being a shoe-in on any historical film, whether it is sexual (The Reader), about children (...Striped Pyjamas), a musical (The Producers), violent and retributive (Inglorious...), about "good" Germans (Schinler's List), about rebellion (Defiance) or even about Science Fiction (X Men).

Every angle has been covered. On the other hand Communism killed circa 100 million people in the 20th Century, but you'd be hard-pressed to find any major film, certainly any Hollywood blockbuster or Oscar-nominee, which tackled the torture, starvation, death and gulags of Communism (be it Soviet or other).

Is it cos I is Christian?

One might surmise why this is: the victims were Christians, Communism was Jewish (as Winston Churchill pointed out). Indeed, Michael Hoffman has written how the mass murderers of Communism transformed themselves into "holocaust survivors" in one fell swoop.

Meanwhile in America various people, from ADL boss Abe Foxman to actor Marlon Brando have stated that Jews run Hollywood. The difference is that when folks like Joel Stein say it they are cheered, when gentiles like Brando or Gibson say it their careers are attacked.
"The Jews are so dominant," writes [LA Times columnist] Joel Stein, "I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies." "But lo and behold," Stein says, "even one of that six, AMC President Charles Collier, turned out to be a Jew!"
"As a proud Jew," says Stein, "I want America to know of our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood."
So if the powers-that-be (aka the you-know-who's) decide we need an all musical on the holocaust - we'll get it, along with a media kerfuffle designed to make it a household subject again.

Jews on Hollywood/Media Control


Rufus said...

All together now...'The fields are alive, with the sounds from Auschwitz!'

Anonymous said...

And who can forget, 'Just a Spoonful of Hoopla helps the Holocaust go down'?

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