Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sponsored by the Macpherson Report: Silencing Free Speech the PC Way

This message is brought to you by the Council for Forced Enrichment

Calling all ethnic groups and progressive politicians, pressure groups and their "spokespeople" (proper pc language) out there, especially in medialand.

  • Do the figures show that more racial attacks are against the white indigenous people?
  • Do the facts show most muggers are of an ethnic persuasion?
  • Does immigration bring nothing worthwhile bar more scroungers, NHS tourists, free-school-dinner collectors?

If the buzz word "enrichment" doesn't quell your critics here is the answer!

Please also see our guidelines on the words "bigot," "fascist," "nazi" and "holocaust" especially when discussing planned housing benefit changes or proposals for gay marriage.

NB: These scary words have a diminishing shelf-life so please use them to maximum advantage before their usefulness runs out.


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