Sunday, 22 January 2012

Milibands Show That Politics Remains a Con

There's a few stories floating around today about the Miliband brothers.

One is that David, who wanted to be Labour Party leader but failed, is now working for a City firm, making big money.

Brothers in arms?
The other is that Ed, who won the Labour Party leadership, is pictured getting into a flash sports care carrying a "green" shopping bag.

This all shows a number of things:

  • The political 'leaders' all come from the same mould. 
  • They think they are doing us "a favour" by not taking mega-bucks jobs and 'slumming it' in Westminster for a few hundred grand a year.
  • Their friends and associates belong to the mega-bucks world, so they have no knowledge of normal life, of struggling to pay bills, of living in low-cost housing in the multi-culti hell they have created.
  • That they can walk out of politics to plush jobs and placements. The more bankers etc. they help while in power, the more rewards they stand to get afterwards.
  • These people - as politicos or financiers - jet around the world, yet lecture us on turning off light bulbs to 'save the planet.'
  • They will carry "green" shopping bags whilst using "gas guzzling" super cars.

That is the world of the political elite. Just as when they start their foreign wars, sending in troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria (resulting in countless tens of thousands of innocent deaths), they sit safely back in Westminster plotting their non-executive placements. They talk of 'feeling the pain' of ordinary people, yet give knighthoods to usurers that cause debt.

It is all a con.

Of course the Milibands are the offspring of extremist Jewish Marxists, but they have embraced Capitalist greed, Zionist wars and the same old cycle of betrayal and reward.

It is a world of hypocrisy and hyperbole, of do as I say, not as I do, of practicing never ending war whilst preaching 'climate change' and one world humanism. And the Milibands fit in just fine and dandy.


Lancs Patriot said...

"the Milibands are the offspring of extremist Jewish Marxists, but they have embraced Capitalist greed"

FC - are you saying you support 'extremist Jewish Marxists'?

Just thought I'd ask before that idiot troll who can't read or understand a political discourse comes on here too.

Idiots of the world unite you have nothing to lose but two braincells between you.

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