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Searchlight Get it Wrong: Stalinist Conspiracy Nutters Strike Again

Searchlies get it oh so wrong - again!
An old friend (in the sense of our acquaintance rather than his age) sent me a link earlier today to a piece in Searchlies magazine which proposes a conspiracy involving the Front National, Vichy French "war criminals," all manner of "anti-Semites" (of course!), Traditionalist Catholics, a "New Right" faction, revisionists, Mosleyites, occultists and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all.

The article had as its bete noir, Bishop Williamson (oh they mentioned his dubious excommunication, but not that it had been publicly lifted) and yet they could not even get the right cleric in the photo accompanying the piece! Is it a case of "they all look the same to me guvnor?"

Such research. And they are the "experts" on "international fascism." As a Mr. F. Christmas might intone: "ho ho ho."

It's ages since I had such a good laugh. It reminded me of a piece in Searchlies years ago about the ITP which linked much of the above alongside Baltic nationalists, SS veterans, the IRA, the UDA, "violent" Pro-Lifers, skinheads, neo-nazis, British monarchists, and many others too. It was quite the roll call.
Dere wuz Nazis, priests, Vichy dudes, 911 deniers...

And they call us conspiracy theorists!

Anyhow, in the intro to this latest piece of drivel, it of course brings up the fact that the meeting/convention/conspiracy in question was held on Remembrance Sunday and how nationalists (sorry, "nazis") had for years "desecrated" Remembrance Sunday by marching to the cenotaph.

Now there a number of things here, not least the "freedom of speech" that we are supposed to have fought for. But think of the Stalinists/Communists and extreme Zionists that make up Searchlies, with their roots in the gangland sleazy underbelly of London's Soho and their hardline Stalinist cadre for many years. Democrats? Hmmm.

The writer John Mortimer QC, who was the creator of Rumpole of the Bailey, was giving a talk on his life to an audience, recorded for the radio, and in that he admitted that he, the only son of a barrister and public schoolboy at Harrow naturally became a member of the Communist Party (CP). He received letters from the 'Central Committee' of the CP - he joked that he was a "one man cell" at Harrow.

This was at the start of WW2, when Germany and Russia had signed a peace treaty, and so the letters Mortimer was receiving told him to "go slow" on production for the war. So the Communists were putting out the line that this was not a war they could in any way support.

This same fact is exposed in the autobiography I Believed by Douglas Hyde, who worked at the very highest levels of the CP, its inner sanctum if you will. He said that there was rank hypocrisy because the CP was arranging a "go slow" in 1940 and thereabouts and condemning Britain's war as a Capitalist war, whereas post June 1941 they completely changed tune.

Mortimer said that after June '41 he received the same letters from the CP asking him to urge flat-out production for the war effort. Of course he wasn't in a position to do much from the opulent halls of Harrow.

The Jewish author Arthur Koestler (who wrote The Thirteenth Tribe, detailing how most Jews were latter converts, and had no relation to Biblical Jewry) dealt with this in his (anti-nazi) book Scum of the Earth in which he attacked the CP in France. Interestingly although it was written in the Spring of 1941, the book was published after Operation Barbarossa started and the CP did a swift about-turn. Koestler stood by what he had written. The pacifists and saboteurs became war-mongers and factory cheerleaders.

Of course Communists (like Searchlies) prefer to ignore this, just as they and Capitalists prefer to forget the the Soviet Union invaded Poland on September 17th, 1939.

I have always wondered why Britain and France declared war on Germany just a few days after their invasion of Poland, yet they took no such action when the Soviet Union invaded and occupied the Eastern half of Poland (and the Baltic States).

Indeed, whilst fascists were rounded up and interned (in a concentration camp) in 1940 no such action was taken against the CP which was still free to mail-out to its members, asking them to "go slow" on war production. Some suggest that hardline Communists may even have sabotaged war production in order to help the USSR's then ally, 'Nazi' Germany. Why? Why did Soviet Russia and its acolytes abroad have such a charmed existence after it invaded Poland in 1939?

So the next time Searchlies witter on about "nazis" defiling the cenotaph, someone might ask them why Stalinists like them changed sides, and went from undermining the war effort to becoming "super patriots?" We might also ask why the Zionists at Searchlies pretend to salute the British Army for being the defenders of democracy, when Searchlies' comrades in Palestine were blowing up British servicemen and civilians in terror attacks in the 1940s. They even booby-trapped the bodies of dead soldiers in order to kill more, and so achieve their dream of a Jewish state on the graves of Brits and Arabs.

If that isn't good enough, ask the Reds who witter on about the cenotaph if they remember the dead killed fighting Communism in Korea? Or don't they include the Korean War dead when they talk of the cenotaph as a "sacred" place?

Douglas Hyde saw through the lies and spin of the CP in 1941 and left the CP.

John Mortimer QC saw through the lies and spin of the CP in 1941 and left the CP.

The only time the kooks at Searchlies ever left the CP was when the CP turned against their precious Israel. The Searchlies crew preferred hardline Zionism to hardline Communism, only to return to the Red Flag when hardline Reds (or those they could find) also accepted Zionism.

One wonders if they will oppose war with Iran, as so many Socialists seem likely to do, or urge it on as so many Zionists already are. Could it be that as with Searchlies so many internecine squabbles with their would-be allies in the left-wing and anti-racist ranks in the past, Searchlies will give first preference to Israel and that cause. Who knows... they may even condemn some fellow lefties as being "anti-Semites" as they did against Norwegian Communists just a few years back when they realised that top level bankers and the Neo Cons pushing war were of a certain type.

Indeed one may wonder that when they day comes that British soldiers stop being the cannon fodder of America's Israel lobby, how much longer Searchlies will treat the cenotaph as a Holy place which only the people they deem worthy should visit?

As FC exposed years ago, the people at Searchlies, the "defenders of democracy" are just as much hypocrites as the CP of the 1940s. They have included pimps, burglars, arsonists, extremist Reds, hardline Zionists and much more in their own ranks!

And when you see the conspiracies they dream up... it's a wonder anyone takes them seriously, at all.


Anonymous said...

Very good article

Final Conflict said...

Thanks Mum

Catholic Resistance said...

Good article FC. Searchlies did have it right on one point though, the dreadful types of IONA and the New Right have certainly been trying to worm their way into Traditionalist Catholic circles for some time now. A certain "JEZ TURNER" in particular. I'd say that the little half truths that Searchlies managed to obtain almost certainly came from either Jez himself or one of his friends present at the Trad conference on the Sunday.

Jez himself didn't make it this year. I'd assume that there are a number of reasons for this. One being the fact that he received a fair amount of hostility during the 2010 conference for his appauling behaviour at said conference. Secondly, I'm aware of the fact that he had a seperate "Catholic" meeting planned for the Saturday even though we all know there was only one real Catholic there! Thirdly, he also had the Front march on Sunday to monitor and the FOM do on the Saturday evening to attend and monitor. Searchlies somehow knew that some trads were present at the FOM "dinner". In reality, it's the anuual drink with a load of old UM that the IONA/NR crowd have now basically taken over, upsetting many of the old boys I might add although most are so naieve they just think he's a "nice guy".

The NR/IONA have a clear ideological mix of perrenialism/atheism/satanism/islam/occultism and dubious Christianity as well as a very clear stance of eugenecism. By Jez sticking his fingers in every hot pie in London, he's effectively tarnishing all groups with a distasteful flavour that no sane person is ever going to enjoy or draw from.

Final Conflict said...

That is worrying. Yet Searchlies will make it look like Catholics working with cranks.

btw - I wonder how many members/supporters of the Tories, UKIP or other parties may have been present. Would this mean the SSPX taking over them? Or they taking over the SSPX?

Searchlies often paints conspiracies where none exists.

I assujme the meeting was pretty much open to any SSPX supporters? if so perhaps the answer may be to get attendees to say the Apostles' Creed? That way 'cranks' will either stay away or be exposed as hypocrites.

Just thinking aloud...

Anonymous said...

It was of course open to any and all SSPX supporters as well as those with a genuine interest in the ideas of the social reign of Christ the King. Catholics can also bring along friends that they think may benefit from hearing the eternal truisms of the Traditional Catholic faith. In my opinion, it's highly unlikely that Jez and co have an interest in either. In my experience, they usually attend to hear the usual Jew baiting and when they find themselves slightly disapointed, they generally try to provoke it themselves. The behaviour in which they do so represents the typical behaviour of agent provocateurs.

Whilst most SSPX'ers are no idiots when it comes to certain "questions" lets say. We certainly don't need state plants and neo pagans telling us what to think and how to do things. Especially not ones that make regular habit of rubbing shoulders with certain over weight queers of 80s NF fame and Catholic haters such as Tomislav Sunic and Arthur Kemp (and sometimes far worse)!

Searchlies! A bit of coverage of the numerous soup kitchens organised by the SSPX UK next time eh? How about the African missions? Or maybe the SSPX orphanage in India? Don't let your age old Jewish hatred of the Catholic faith slip out too much! It's starting to look desperate!

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