Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Homosexuals "Good" - Paedos Next...

Decades of media and school brainwashing in the USA
News in that in Greece (under an IMF autocracy) that paedophiles are to get some sort of disability allowance. How  long before they get 'disability rights?'

Queers are already agitating for a younger age of consent. Meanwhile (excuse the pun) the judiciary treat paedo's with kid gloves.

I would argue in an age in which homosexuality is considered 'normal' (by those who make the laws and run the media) it is obvious that, sooner or later, paedophilia will also be normalised, perhaps on a sliding scale.

On the BBC News at 6 there was a report of how a 13 year old boy went onto some website (Bebo?) and wrote that he was a pooftah. Right away an older man was arranging meet-ups for sexual reasons. He said he was in his late 20s. The police said he was in his 40s.

There have been many people who have spoken up, daring to say that most paedophilia is, in the vast majority of cases, a homosexual offshoot. Sadly, instead of looking into the facts and seeking to root out the scourge of paedophilia, all we get are excuses and cover-ups... because nothing is ever allowed (be it personal, societal, medical or other evidence) to undermine the degenerate campaign of the homosexual lobby and their political 'fellow travellers' who have even succeeded in shutting down Christian adoption agencies!

That is where we are as a society. Even in times of cutbacks, tax-payer money is poured into supporting pro-homosexual initiatives, but adoption agencies who refuse to acknowledge homosexuals as if they are married couples get shut down.

Absolutely bloody crazy!

Graph from Dusk in Autumn Blog
Huffington Post Exposes Greek Stance on Paedophilia.


Anonymous said...

That is why they are coming after Hungary.

If anyone is any doubt as to how International Financiers control the world then just study what is occuring with Greece, Hungary and all the other countries seeking a 'bail out' (and compare them with those who are ahem.....'solvent')

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