Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Liberals & Socialists Don't Care About White Victims of Racial Attacks or Black Victims of Gangstas

Richard Everitt, long forgotten
So two men have been found guilty of the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Did they do it? I don't know. What I do know is that it would be almost impossible for them to get a "fair trial" given the trial by jury over the years. But leaving that and the huge police operation to spy on them detailed in some of  today's media, the chief victim in all of this, is English justice.

Double jeopardy is a long-established part of the justice system. Or rather it was. The idea was that it stopped a person being tried again and again for the same crime. I like to think of its overturning as the "EU approach" - i.e. if the system doesn't get the result it thinks is right, it goes for trial again, and again... until it gets the result it wants.

This could lead to someone whom the system opposes being tried over and over and over. The English were sensible enough to know that this could lead to tyranny and victimisation. Dumbed down by Eastenders and Fleet Street editorials, the establishment has now destroyed hundreds of years of protection from tyranny.

Dobson was previously tried and the chief witness's evidence collapsed and it was found to be so unreliable.

I do not know if the two men are murderers, but English justice has been hacked to bits. Close on a thousand years of rights and defences against tyranny have been discarded on the say-so of a team who put together the MacPherson Report (MR) - and listening to them in the media, they are the usual White-guilt, White-flight liberals and rich idiots who have probably never lived on a mixed-race estate and who always rip apart our traditions to "make things better."

When overwhelmingly coloured (Ooops, they don't like that term, I'd better say COLOURED) rioters took to the streets of London one of the MR bods wept how blacks were still being mistreated by the police. That's how these idiots work. Criminals riot and it's "oooh. poor criminals." Muggings go on, shootings go on, knifings go on.

Bizarrely enough quite a few of the people killed by black knife and gun carrying hoodlums (as well as the white victims of racist attacks, few of whose names are known by Lord Liberalpants or Quentin Whiteguilt QC) are themselves blacks.

Many blacks in London cry out for help when their sons and brothers are killed by "gangstas" and want the police to act against the "gangstas" yet when they do the white liberals and black political agitators stir it up by calling stop and search a 'racist' modus operandi.

How else do they expect the knives and guns to be taken off the streets? Do they think the "gangstas" will voluntarily hand over their weapons and stop carrying out racial attacks, or murdering black kids, or pushing drugs, or mugging the innocent?

More innocent black teens have been murdered in London by black "gangstas" than by "white racist gangs" yet where are the political agitators, socialist rent-a-mobs and white-flight liberals, Lords and QCs demanding action against the "gangstas?" Is it cos they is black?

Yet if we wonder at these peoples' kid-glove treatment of the gangs that commit the vast majority of gun and knife crime across London (not to mention sell the drugs that create so much misery and cause so much crime, e.g. robbery and muggings), we should be dumbstruck at their treatment of the White victims of racial attacks by coloureds.

They quite frankly do not care. They do not even know their names. Nor the numbers of Whites murdered by non-Whites. Nor the fact that many/most of these crimes are not treated as racial attacks. Nor the fact (see link below) that most victims of racial attacks are WHITE.

As a test I went onto Twitter yesterday and sought out a suitable twit. There was one, a tweet sent between two users, one with 'socialist' in his user-name, twittering about the terrible murder of Stephen Lawrence and hurrah for the guilty verdict.

I asked the sender what about the White victims of racial attacks. despite stating that they campaign on all victims of racial attacks, @markwrightuk88 ("Socialist Party member") could not name a single, solitary White victim of a racial attack, let alone one that he (in all his hideous whiteness) had campaigned for justice for, or campaigned against the coloured criminal murderers.

And that speaks volumes. That is the reality on da streets innit.

Even Liberals Admit: Most Race Victims are WHITE


Anonymous said...

I know Im not the only one who is sick to the back teeth of hearing about Saint Stephen of Lawrence. The press and media have been sloberring at every mention of his name for years now. Did those lads do it?? I don't know but what I do know is that it was certainly a trial by media. According to itv news their gang were involved with other stabbings which involved white persons. Their names, who knows?? They were white so dont count in a muti cultural paradise such as ours

The outcome, i wont lose much sleep over the alleged apiring architect

Anonymous said...

The British justice system is definately the victim of murder here. I completely agree. One can now be tried again and again for the same crime. One can now have "evidence" given against one by an anonymous "witness". One can also now be tried without a jury and imprisoned without tial as a "terrorist".

There's no justice in this country anymore.

Anonymous said...

We get the justice we deserve, say no more.......

Anonymous said...

Good article, you don't go far enough but you are on the edge of the answer.The problem always comes back to the same thing, white liberals.These creatures are basically distorted and because the distortion occurs early on in life, it is built in to their entire
mental make-up.They can sound very
plausible but their basic nature is
that of a coward.Unfortunately for the rest of us these sad creatures
have found various nooks and crannies from where they can safely
spew their twisted ideology.

Anonymous said...

With any luck these white liberals will have a little more to think about now that the banks are wanting their mortgage, their car(s) have been repossesed, their childrens school fees have gone up.

Welcome to the real world treasonous leeches.

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