Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Not Paying the Council Tax in Cwmbran

Council Tax: Won't Pay - to a Law with no justification!

The two security personnel, who were previously door monitors, arrived and approached RL with arms outstretched, ready to take hold of him. RL stepped back, and stated “Do not touch me; you will be committing common law assault in front of these witnesses (RL Pointed to us), to which I will take commercial remedy!” The door monitors advanced again, and again RL stated “Do not touch me! – Sir’s, I must warn you that if you lay a finger on me, I will seek remedy through the courts for a common assault upon my body!” again they moved forward slightly and RL said in a LOUD CLEAR voice “SIR! I DO NOT CONSENT TO BEING TOUCHED!” By this time, the recorder had stepped down and approached, and one of the door monitors asked him if RL could do that!!
See the full story below.

A Day in Cwmbran Magistrates Court for Council Tax


Anonymous said...

classic, the covert video was uploaded on the tpuc website and is still on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVWKpNkav0U

Final Conflict said...


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