Saturday, 23 February 2008

Auschwitz Trips ARE a PC Gimmick

David Cameron is coming under fire from "Jewish groups," government ministers and Tory Zionists for daring to call a government initiative that will send thousands of schoolchildren to Auschwitz.

What did he expect?

Of course, in this instance, he is correct. It is a gimmick.

It is the most corrupt misuse of public funds to prop up a discredited regime (Israel) to ignore the 100 million murdered by Communism (many cabinet ministers are ex-Communists) and an attempt to politicise children,

As a previous report stated, some of the children came home and campaigned against "far right" candidates.

Perhaps visits to gulags might have them campaign against lefties? Or visits to slums around the world might help them "decide" to campaign against banksters and big business???

I for one am sick to death of the increasingly desperate attempts by corrupt politicians to justify Zionism and to make more of our children into politically correct homogenised "activists" for whatever right-on cause the government can find - from anti-racism to global warming.

When drugs, guns, muggings, knives, burglaries and more make our streets unsafe, how encouraging to know our government can afford to send school children on politically motivated jaunts to places reconstructed by Soviet commissars.


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