Friday, 29 February 2008

Guardian Smears Roberto Fiore's Business

The Guardian today ran the usual smear piece that we've been used to on Roberto Fiore and his business[es] in London.

Right: Is the black gent (saluting at bottom left) from the language school in question?

We've had (baseless) smears before about people being threatened, appalling conditions etc. Now we have smears about Africans and small profits.

Do the Guardianistas not realise that if you run a business in England, it is illegal to turn away people on account of their race?

What do they expect any legitimate school to do? Fiore's businesses have been well known for helping many Europeans visit England, find jobs, learn English etc. Not so long ago one of the many smears were that many of these people were "fascists" - I seem to remember Searchlies stating such a thing last year about "nazi Poles" etc. etc.

Shock horror!

Mr. Fiore imports nazis.... and he imports Africans. What are we to believe??? Erm... neither?

As an aside I do have a European friend who studied at the school and he told me it was excellent with great facilities, friendly staff and most of the students were civilised too! That's quite a feat in London.

As well as getting accommodation in Central London, as I understand it, the students also get lessons and jobs - all at an excellent rate, which would explain the figures. Again, from the little I know third hand, the job placement is provided free of charge - The Guardianistas (with their profit motif) must be apoplectic at such an idea!

On other issues, let's ask what the figures are for The Guardian? Does it like Murdoch's papers use tax avoidance procedures including tax havens?

Right: Forza Nuova has taken a stance against kosher-patriots like Fini

As for the BNP link - the Guardian is reaching here. Fiore's Forza Nuova is nothing like the Kosherised Anti-Muslim pressure group that the BNP has become. The FN has condemned those (like Fini) who have tried to kosherise nationalist politics in Italy.

You'll notice in the report that The Guardian uses a very long-winded and intricate explanation of Fiore's exile. They know that many newspapers in England, Italy and elsewhere have already been successfully sued by Mr. Fiore for stating he is/was a "terrorist" etc. when the Italian courts have started categorically that not only is Fiore innocent of all charges, but was in fact a victim of the real bombers - because of his forced exile and the many smears against him.

Still, it is interesting that The Guardian chose this moment to raise this story, perchance to have a dig at Mr. Fiore's business (again!) and to try and embarrass the kosher BNP, especially when they could have run stories on paedophilia, orgies, burglary and more.

Maybe talk - however tenuous, not to say absurdly untrue - of "terrorists" is more juicy for a journalist?

I'm looking forward to the next chapter: Fiore loses money by importing Nazi Africans.


Guardian Attack on Fiore's Business


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