Sunday, 10 February 2008

FC Poll Result on Nationalism & Morality

Last week's poll was:

Is Morality in the Nationalist Movement:

Important - we should set an example
45 (100%)
A Propaganda tool - to talk about, but ignore in reality
0 (0%)
A side show - we should be like Labour, etc.
0 (0%)
Irrelevant - who cares if some cheat, take drugs etc.
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 45

An interesting vote in that we expected a few to embrace the "realpolitik" outlook of some Kosherised "modernist" patriots.

Of course with a 100% vote for the line we have pushed for many years many visitors won't have bothered voting (as they may have if there was a "closer" vote, perceiving their viewpoint to be adequately 'covered' by those who had already voted.

With irrefutable evidence of paedophilia, adultery, orgies, animal pornography, cronysim, skimming money, skewed expenses and more in a 'nationalist' party, this vote should be a clear shot across the bow that nationalists have had enough (and FC does attract visitors from across the nationalist spectrum).

Nationalists seem to be fed up with immorality and demand that their own people set an example, instead of covering-up for cronies.

Food for thought


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