Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Britain in the Age of the Saints

After my last post I found this great map of Britain circa 600.

Genetically the people of Cumbria are still very close to the Welsh (the original Britons) and we can see here how the Cornish were/are a Celtic people, who still retain their own language which is closely related to Welsh.

The area North West of the Northumbrian Saxons (the Kingdom of Strathclyde) was displaced by the Scots who migrated from Ireland. Certainly the Royal family of Strathclyde and others resettled in Wales where they were known as the Men of the North.

The original Britons would have spoke Old Welsh (from Cornwall to lowland Scotland) and the Anglo Saxons would have spoken Old English (from which we get the word "Welsh" coming from the Anglo-Saxon for 'foreignor,' Walloon has the same Saxon root).

St Edwin of Northumbria c. 586 - 632/633
5th & 6th Centuries: the Age of Saints
St David & Irish/Welsh/English Christianity


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