Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Ron Sandler: Loyalty to God Knows Where

Well, well, well.

What a surprise!

Right: Ron Sandler is a tax evading "non dom."

Can those who ran to the defence of the bankster, Capitalist fat cat and all-too-kosher government hireling Ron Sandler please explain why he is classed as a "non dom?"

To those not in the know, non doms are registered for paying tax overseas, which means they pay vastly reduced taxes to the UK government.

The so-called great economist Gordon Brown was supposed to be clamping down on non doms (as the banksters and City of London wide boys screeched about "driving away entrepreneurs") he then employs one!

With all the talk about clamping down - quite rightly - on benefit cheats, its about time the mega rich paid the same proportion of tax as the average working man.

It seems to me that the working man, with a family to bring up, is getting the poohey end of the stick - squeezed on one side by benefit layabouts who think the world owes them a living (and a house, and food etc. etc.) whilst on the other he is squeezed by non dom mega-rich banksters who pay a pittance of tax whilst awarding each other millions in bonuses even when they fail!

Left: Whilst the mega-rich Masons, Zionists and Banksters go "non dom" the big businesses shift their operations abroad to maximise profits. What about loyalty to this country and its workers?

Still as Mr. Sandler owes no loyalty to this country (does he know he has the right to "return" to Israel?) it's hardly surprising he's chosen non dom status.

Yet more shekels floating around in the trough at which the banksters and Masons feed.


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