Monday, 18 February 2008

Separated at ("Kosovo's") birth

Prime Minister of "Kosovo", Hashim Thaci.

Corleone henchman Luca Brasi, in happier times (i.e., pre-sleeping with "the fishes").

Spot the difference?

There's not much to tell them apart. Both of them could be mistaken for Lurch; both are criminals with a considerable amount of blood on their hands. The only difference is that Thaci is having better luck right now than poor old Luca did in The Godfather.

But this can only be so for as long as the Serbs tolerate him and his bandit state, or as long as Kosovo's mineral resources keep U$rael ticking over.

Long live Christian Serbia, free from the manipulation of Washington and Brussels!


Civilised EU said...

Imagine such an neanderthal terrorist and war criminal being promoted to an "European statesman"?! The backward savage published a greeting, on 25.12., to all the "European Christians"; 'knowing' that, across them thar hills, there is some religious public celebration (namely Christmas)taking place. So the neanderthal (even on internet... for all to know... - wow?) published his greetings wishing all European (non-muslims) a "Happy Easter 2011"!?!?!!!:):):):(:O(... God help us all!

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