Sunday, 10 February 2008

This is Ethnic Cleansing!

In today's Sunday Telegraph Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Conner says that multiculturalism threatens the nation's unity.

Quite so.

Now will society at last state what an untold disaster mass immigration has been?

It wasn't wanted, wasn't needed and has brought nothing but loss of identity, loss of community, loss of security and loss of social cohesion.

Why did the politicians and big businesses need to bring England to its knees (followed years later by Scotland and Wales)?

Now it's time to state that the multi-culti, multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-faith experiment has been an unmitigated disaster!

We had existent, established European communities which gave us different cultures without the violence, without the destruction, without the crime.

Mass coloured immigration has been a complete disaster.

Were our parents and grandparents in the 50s, 60s and 70s told that MILLIONS of Africans and Asians would be let in?

Just yesterday I was looking through a history magazine for an old picture of GK Chesterton I'd noted previously and I came across two pictures that I had to show my kids.

Taken at different ends of the country from two very different communities in the 30s.

One was of German first communicants in a parade through the streets of East London, looking resplendent in their little suits and white dresses. One was of Italian children carrying a Saint's statue in a procession through the streets of Manchester, all carrying ribbons and casting flower petals around. These were European customs dating back over a thousand years that even our forefathers would have no problem recognising.

These people had brought their customs and ways to the streets of England creating no animosity, no hatred, no divisiveness, no ghettos. They didn't fiddle the system, they didn't have drugs, guns, mugging... They didn't ship over thousands upon thousands of relatives to milk the tax-payer.

That was real multi-culturalism!

What we have today is plain and simple ethnic cleansing designed to undermine the Christian English, organised by the Masonic politicians, the Zionist "Race Relations Industry" and the long discredited ideological offspring of Marx.

Time to stop the rot and demand a return to sanity before it's too late!

The Indians won their independence from England. Africans won their independence from England, France, Portugal etc.

Now we want OUR independence - and it's high time the settlers from Africa and Asia were asked to leave.


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