Sunday, 24 February 2008

Michael Martin MP - Warnings for Nationalism

The case of Michael Martin, the Glasgow MP and Speaker of the House (who's chairman of the committee overseeing changes in rules on MPs expenses etc.) has some salient points for nationalists.

Above Right: The Root of all Evil. So many will sell their souls and their cause for a wad of wonga.

For a man who must be on a decent wage to be involved (whether strictly legal or otherwise) in grubbing about for money strikes me as distinctly sordid.

The allegation is that is wife claimed £4K in expenses for taxi fares whilst traveling on personal business with a friend and that the MP claimed £75K of pounds for a second home in Scotland, even though he had no mortgage on the house.

All the usual cronies have run to his defence and we're told that most of this is "legal" -- but it doesn't make it right; and when politicians concern is to do the Tel Aviv breaststroke (i.e. grabbing armfuls of filthy lucre) before earning their wage and making the country better then it makes us all feel betrayed, ashamed and angry.

This is important for nationalists because:

1. We can see what angers people about politicians.
2. People holding the pursestrings shouldn't be the ones to pass judgment on themselves!
3. It is vital that nationalist leaders steer clear of money-grubbing, nepotism, cronysim etc.
4. When the media view you as an enemy, corruption and expenses-fiddling is grist to the mill.

With the BNP currently spending less than 6% of its income on campaigning (and a furore arising re. the BNP leader charging his own party £19K a year rent!) - the rest filling pockets of leaders and cronies - every nationalist needs to be aware, because when the media no longer need an anti-Muslim pressure group and go for the jugular all the corruption, money-grubbing, nepotism, immorality, paedophilia, burglary and more will come back to haunt not just a handful of cronies at the top of the BNP, but nationalists as a whole as the media will be happy to paint us all as degenerate crooks.

When that day comes - as I'm sure it eventually will! - nationalism will be set back 20 years; and those with their pockets bulging with shekels will have retired to their haunts built up via their (94-95%) cash cow.


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