Thursday, 7 February 2008

Caring Capitalism? Make Billions - Sack Thousands

Some people try and defend Capitalism. They may think it "the lesser of two evils." They may think it "Christian." They may think it helps people more than it hinders them.

Right: BP Forked out circa £30 Million in Lord Browne's dismissal package but can't afford to pay 5000 workers out of its Billions?

So let's take BP. British Petroleum.

Surely a corner-stone of Capitalism here in the UK?

Well, for a company that announced "Soaring Profits" which was also transmitted via news agencies as profits that had dropped slightly (confusing in and of itself) it reacts in a bizarre way.

As one recipient to the second link below says, BP makes 24 million pounds profit EACH DAY.

Now, isn't that enough?

These companies and their bosses pay scant tax (as a percentage these people tend to pay far less then a low paid worker) and make BILLIONS every quarter, yet they still felt the need to send 5000 people to the dole office.

That's 5000 families put under stress. That's (presumably close to) 5000 mortgages placed in jeopardy.

From a company making millions in profit each and every day.

For me, that is what makes Capitalism wrong, inhumane, unChristian and as evil as a system that demands we all trudge into factories.

The end has become profit for profits sake, and not the needs of the family, the duty to ones staff, the good of communities etc.

When BP can pay-off its former boss, the pink fudge-packer Lord Browne (undone by his penchant for rent boys) in a golden handshake and pension package worth almost £30 million, what a comfort (for the 5,000) that their sackings will help BP edge their profits up by a few more million.

That, oh caring and conscientious reader, is the true face of Capitalism.


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