Tuesday, 19 February 2008

FC Poll Result on Britain's Future

Last week's question in the FC Poll was:

Independent of the EU, should we:

Go back to the British Union with no devolution?
13 (32%)
Keep the current status quo?
0 (0%)
Have the Union - but with more powers devolved?
4 (10%)
Have a Confederacy of Nations retaining British institutions?
2 (5%)
Independence for England and the Celtic Nations?
21 (52%)

This produced a number of interesting results.

Right: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is circa 300 years old. Will it last much longer?

We envisaged that there would be a clear-cut division between the positions we'll label "unionism" and "separatism," which was borne out in the voting patterns.

Interestingly, those favouring English independence were over half of the voters, possibly a stronger vote than may have been garnered in years gone by.

Also interesting is the fact that no-one voted to keep the status quo, presumably no-one happy with a "half way" house.

Is - or has! - nationalism changed and would nationalists be happier with the nations of these isles modeled on the Scandinavian model (friendly, independent, confident various-sizes neighbours with some common history living harmoniously side-by-side) rather than a Belgian model of forced political Union?

When (the currently English border town) Berwick Upon Tweed has voted by almost 80% to rejoin Scotland, there is clearly something in the air.

Many observers think Gordon Brown (as a Scot who has to prove he's "ultra British patriot" as UK Prime Minister) will block any act of parliament allowing Berwick to return to Scotland.

Left: Berwick Upon Tweed, now most residents want the border moved Southwards so the town returns to Scotland. The dotted line is the existent English-Scottish border.

After the farce of Brown's crony/hireling Milliband (offspring of rich, Jewish Marxists) telling other European Nations that the (Neo-Con backed) illegal actions of the Albanians in Serbia won't set a precedent, who would be able to take Brown's blocking of the democratic wishes of the townsfolk of Berwick seriously?

Still unless Berwick becomes a US air base or home to a CIA station, America won't force the issue...


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