Thursday, 14 February 2008

Masons Want Laws to Jail Nationalists

It's time to ruffle some feathers.

I'm glad the Muslims who looked at or downloaded "terrorist" material from the internet have been freed.

I'm glad the North African airline pilot has been released from jail.

That's got the Neo-Cons, Kosher Tories and their heavy mob screeching.

Why am I happy?

The reasons have more to do with White Nationalism, Third Positionists and those of us who oppose the New World Order and the Judeo-Masonic elite that have our people running around like headless chickens as they create/fight their eternal bogeymen (Orwell called it Eurasia, we call it AL Qaeda).

CIA created, backed, financed and whipped-up "terrorists" are there to make it possible for the Temple Elders to pass repressive laws, to socially control us all and to (try and) dampen down opposition to their Zionist aims and "utopia."

Our anti-terror laws here already make it plain that if the Muslims had downloaded videos etc. AFTER a certain date (i.e. an new anti-terror law is on the statute books NOW) they would have been found guilty.

So should anyone who looks at or downloads material from websites supporting ("glorifying") the IRA or UVF be jailed.

I think not, as much as I disagree with the tactics and activities of both groups.

If a man visits websites extolling the virtues of the Red Army Faction he may be an idiot wearing (very) red-tinted glasses, but he shouldn't face jail!

Personally, I could say that if a war is illegal (e.g. the invasion of Iraq) are people who visit the MoD website with info on Iraq, or if they watch US Army bombing on Utube (or CNN etc.) does that mean that they should face jail for supporting illegal violent acts?

Of course not!

The fact here, for we as White Nationalists, Christian Patriots, Third Positionists etc. is that the CIA ghost "Al Qaeda" was created to pass the very laws that can now, here, today see you, I, him and her (all "hideously White" to quote Greg Dyke ex BBC chief) facing jail for seeking out websites that offer a different worldview to the Kosher Zionists.

Now let's deal with the North African pilot who has now been released after serving time as a "guilty" part of the "911 plot."

Again, after changes in the law passed on the back of the Orwellesque never ending "war on terror" if the (as we now know) innocent pilot were arrested TODAY, he'd be on a plane to America within a very short time (with no account to the Court of Appeal - the court which released him).

Watch out White, Christian Briton!

Bang the tabloid gutter press drum today about the "muzzies" getting off and "terrorists" walking free all you like.


Visit a Nationalist web site. Clang!

Sign a Patriotic online guestbook. Clang!

Download an anti-Israeli video. Clang!

Sign a petition to free a jailed revisionist. Clang!

Write an email supporting a Pro-Lifer being hunted down. Clang!

That "clang" is the the sound of the cell door being slammed shut behind YOU.

And as the Eastenders-watching, Sun-reading, Kosherised sheeple have cheered on the need for these new strong laws to fight "terrorists" your voice claiming innocence will get no hearing.

You'll be just another "extremist." Another "terrorist." Another "hater."

There will be no Court of Appeals for you. You will lose your job, home, family, freedom and - if you're whisked off to the USA on the back of the one-sided extradition laws - you could even lose your very life.


One pilot could so very easily have been whisked off to America and been put on death row, but for the timing of his arrest. He was innocent.

The next time you read of some Nationalist idiot (plant, agent provocateur, moron, patsy, set-up or otherwise) playing with explosives, handling "hit lists" etc. - and we can all think of people linked to C18, the BNP, the BPP in (very!) recent years - then remember that you could face guilt by association if you ever met them, sat by them in a meeting, had an e-mail from them, received a phone call from a joint associate etc. etc.

Think it couldn't happen to you honest, White, Christian?

Think again!

Wake up and smell the coffee.

It has already happened to people just like you. Honest, innocent, patriotic people.

Our Italian Comrades back in the early 1980s faced guilt by association, faced jail for opposing the Masonic-backed nationalists, faced murder in jail cells, faced trumped-up charges by Communist magistrates, faced calls for extradition on no evidence etc etc.

Years later the men in question were cleared of all charges and were named, in court, as official victims of the real terrrorists (Masonic policemen).

But years earlier they faced real terror, life on the run, (Spook backed) media smears and worse.

If they were to happen to us today (it would only take one act of Masonic terror - and this is no fairy tale, the Masons backed terror in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany etc. via "left" and "right" and we can all remember C18 - a perfect honey trap) there would be little chance of a fair hearing.

We would face a nightmare which would make the loss and sacrifices of our Italian Third Positionist comrades of the 80s look like a trip to Disneyland (which is bad enough!).

Of course all this is supposition, and despite the morbid souls out there, I don't think things would really get so bad (isn't there still a very English sense of "fair play"?) but my point is this:

Nationalists - be aware. Oppose laws that undermine our ancient freedoms.

Those who take the side of the Zionist politicians, Masonic press barons etc. should be ostracised.

It is time for Nationalists who know the truth, who are aware of the bigger picture, who see through the lies and nonsense of the New World Order and globalists to speak up.

Those who fail to speak up for short term gain, for "popularity," for shekels or because of fear are traitors. They are siging our freedoms away and setting all of us up as potential fall guys.

No I'm not a "Muslim lover," I'm a White, Christian Nationalist who favours the re-settlement of ALL non-Europeans (Muslim, Sikh, Hindu etc.) to their lands of origin.

No I'm not a "Terrorist supporter," I oppose terrorism whether Islamic, Israeli or MoD-sanctioned.

No I'm not a "Conspiracy nut," I don't think the Duke of Edinburgh is a 300-year-old lizard.

But neither am I a brain-dead moron corralled into supporting the methods, aims and ideals of the Freemasonic elites who want to destroy all Nations, all peoples.

I will not apologise for defending my freedoms, my Faith, my nation and the rights of families.

Those who hate me and my heritage (usually atheistic Marxists or Kosherised Neo-Cons) can wail all they want, but I will not sit by quietly while they use so-called "Muslim Terrorists" to pass laws to build the politically correct all-controlling state they desire in which patriots, nationalists, pro-lifers, Christians, family rights and other decent people are terrorised into silence.

Either nationalists speak up now, or we allow for the jailing and worse of our comrades and innocent patriots in the future.


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