Thursday, 28 February 2008

Social and Ballad Evening

We are in the first tentative stages of organising a social and ballad evening.

There is still much to do, and who will be involved remains to be seen... but watch this space.

Comrades who are interested should get in touch so we can keep them informed.

Many patriots will remember the London ballad evening, which FC was involved with, at which Sisco, Frank Rennicke and others played.

150 nationalists came together for that evening of fine music, camaraderie and nationalism.

Here's hoping we can do it again...


Anonymous said...

Who is Sisco? Too bad I live too far (an ocean in the way) to attend these great events! Cheers from the USA.

Anonymous said...

Sisco was the guitarist who played for warlord , i went to the gig and was very surprised by the quality of music on display ...i have looked on numerous occasions to find and contact sisco but to no avail ....i hope he still plays and hope to see and meet him again ..a very nice gent ,,14 words Alf

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