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Kristallnacht? No - Just Bolshevik Terror

How many times must we hear stories of Kristallnacht? The holohoax? The hatred against Jews?

Right: One of the images of Kristallnacht always
pushed on our school children. Why not the pictures of anti-Italian violence in 1940 or the Red Terror in Spain 1936, the Reign of Terror in France 1789, or the Red Terror in Russia 1917?

Well, we've just suffered "holocaust day" of course - though why this should be foisted on the British who, if anything, took in Jews before WW2 and invaded Germany in 1945 at the behest of World Jewry (who declared war on Germany in 1933) is beyond the ken of many people.

Isn't it time for another Hollywood blockbuster -- perhaps about the handful of synagogues with their windows smashed after a German diplomat was assassinated in France by a Jew?

One might ask, after the declaration of war by World Jewry in 1933 why any synagogues were left in Germany, but I digress.

Left: You got it! Yet another Kristallnacht commemoration. Why do we have a special day to remember the Holocaust when Masonic/Red mass murder is not only neglected but sidelined in favour of the 'suffering' of just one people.

You see, I've been delving into some books lately concerning English newspapers in the years 1933-45.

One, the Daily Mail, showed Italian cafeterias and shops in Britain having their windows smashed (after the Italians joined the war in 1940). of course the Italian men were sent off to the concentration camp on the Isle of Man.

Remember - this was after Italy declared war on England in 1940. International Jewry made a formal declaration of war on Germany in 1933, yet most Jews remained at liberty in Germany (with leave to travel abroad) for many years.

The terror unleashed against Italian properties was "populist" because of the war - yet when the German state said the same after the murder of their diplomat by a Jew the entire Western media machine swung into operation, blaming the German state for hotheads smashing a few windows.

Still, 60 years later we're still living through war propaganda - unbelievable though that is. Why don't we hear about the anti Italian hatred? Why don't we get calls for reparations? Memorials?

Given the State of Israel (and its satellite America) depend on that stale war propaganda about the suffering of Jews, we shouldn't really be surprised it's regurgitated nor that we are spoon fed this gastric effluvia on a regular basis whilst people are bombed, tortured and starve to death on a daily basis NOW.

Tell an Iraqi whose family has been wiped out, or a Palestinian whose whole community has been expelled from their own land to live in a shanty town, or even to a Rwandan whose suffered tribal warfare and mutilation that they haven't suffered as much as people 60 years ago.

The whole holocaust industry has been condemned, even by some Jews, as propping up the bandit state of Israel; not only that but it kind of smacks of 'racism' for hardline Zionists to tell anyone- whether Europeans, Arabs, Africans etc. - that their genocide (one thinks of the Ukrainians, the Armenians, the Rwandans and the Palestinians) does not match that of the Jews.

And it doesn't come down to numbers. Circa 30 million Ukrainians were killed by the Communists in the early 1930s (amongst a total of circa 100 million killed by Communists worldwide).

Nor does it come down to racial/religious exclusivity, for the Armenian people/nation was all but wiped out by the Turks and yet Zionists have been lobbying to stop the Armenian genocide from getting even an "equal" footing with the holohoax.

Armenia was, of course, the first nation to be officially Christian (even before the Roman Empire) so looked at from the perspective of the (Jewish) Zionists or the (Islamic) Turks the blocking of the recognition of the genocide of the Armenians is understandable: even more so when one adds the Masonic nature of Zionism (esp in America) and Turkey.

But leaving all this aside (though why should we?) surely - the liberal, multi-racist or Kosher Tory will argue - we can't ignore the hatred towards the Jewish religion? Surely none have been persecuted in this way through the centuries?

Hmmm. Well the Armenian example might disprove that. The Ukrainians were Christians of course, purposefully starved to death by NKVD commissars who were, and whose bosses were, disproportionally Jewish.

Not idle chit chat or speculation - nor "anti-Semitism" - just plain old fashioned fact. What was it Rabbi Robert Wise famously said? "Communism is Jewish."

That is why the Baltic peoples were so pro-Nazi and anti-Soviet after Soviet occupation and their emancipation by the Germans. The Soviet commissars murdered, raped, tortured and expelled Balts in horrifying numbers (one speciality was to peel the skin from the hand, known as "the glove").

It was the same breed of Soviet commissars who traveled to Spain as the Spanish Civil War raged. This war is painted by Communists and "anti-fascists" as a battle against fascism to "defend democracy" - though they chose to forget a Socialist revolt against the Spanish government some years before.

Nonetheless the dumb and the gullible tend to swallow this claptrap. Ooooh the 'nasty nazis' sent some planes to Spain and the 'foul fascists' sent support too. They tend to forget that the largest contingent of foreign troops were the Moroccans who were loyal to Franco and the huge volumes of Soviet arms, tanks, planes - as well as the Commissars sent over to Spain.

The Moroccan troops don't fit the Reds' image and mythology. Franco was a fascist see!

But let's return to Spain and this great Spanish socialist democracy that the Communists are so keen on defending.

What was this worker's paradise like? This paradise on earth? This Shangri La for the peasants? Peace and love reigned o'er all? Democracy ruled over all as the workers chewed the fat and debated the big questions of life?

Not quite. In a mirror image of their "Russian" Bolshevik cousins, or of the Masonic-inspired Terror of the French Revolution, the Communists in Spain set about their own Red Reign of Terror.

As The Illustrated London News showed (in words and hard-hitting photographs) in 1936 the Spanish reds were anything but "democrats" (Searchlight and fellow Zionist and Marxist extremists take note).

On seizing power they set about:

Burning down churches throughout Spain. No outcry, no films about this State-sponsored Kristallnacht on a huge scale.

Wrecking and destroying "right wing" printing presses and newspaper offices. No outcry, no Socialist tears and liberals proclaiming 'freedom of speech.'

Wrecking and burning of politicians' homes and belongings. All in the cause of "democracy" of course!

Public burning of religious books, convent-property etc. on huge pyres. This included not only books and church statues, but also historic documents dating from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries as well as historic architectural material. No film footage constantly re-played as of German youths burning Marxist and pornographic books.

Theatres burnt down for being "bourgeois." Where are the films decrying these acts of cultural and artistic vandalism?

War criminals and mass murder. Refugees in Gibraltar spoke of mass graves in Malaga where 'the reds' made prisoners stand near pits, then shot them in the head. Hostages in Guadalupe executed. Where are the war criminal hunts, TV documentaries and denunciations by politicians?

Neutral shipping bombed. 20 German sailors were killed by red aircraft as their ship was at anchor in the Mediterranean, the injured Germans were treated by the British in Gibraltar.

All of this is indisputable fact. Where is the "democracy?" All we see is terror, murder and criminality.

Right: Spanish Communist propaganda calls for a "ordered republic" - and sought to bring about their Masonic "Paradise" via murder, sacrilege and outrage.

Yet still we have a ridiculous situation where a few smashed windows of synagogues in Germany is given priority over the mass destruction, churches burnt down, books and materials burnt on pyres, and even the bodies of dead priests and nuns exhumed and left in the Spanish heat: not to mention priests, nuns and loyal Churchgoers murdered.

How can one instantaneous series of sporadic protests, which were suppressed by the police after one night, be equated with this reign of Communist hatred and terror?

How can even 6 million dead (if one accepts the figures) be equated with 30 million dead Ukrainians or the complete annihilation of Armenia - a Christian nation?

There is a hidden message of Jewish racism, in the same way that Israel can obtain illegal nukes, can ethnically cleanse Arab towns and villages, can start illegal wars and can break the Geneva Convention with impunity.

Left: Communist commissars carried out a Reign of Terror across Europe in the 20th Century.

Zionist America rules the political world so all this is hushed up.

Zionists rule Hollywood and the media, so history is skewed to benefit Israel.

They don't care about genocide, terror, burning books, ethnic cleansing etc. - otherwise we'd have films and documentaries - not to mention memorial days - for the victims of Communist and Masonic-inspired terror across Europe and further afield.

Or maybe Steven Spielberg is putting a film together right now which will condemn his kinsmen who formed the commissar-class that brought terror to the streets of Spain, Russia, the Ukraine, Hungary and many other nations too?

Don't hold your breath. There's still a few anti-Communist east Europeans to "hunt" down by those who make billions out of the Holocaust Industry.

Why should they care about all the genocides of gentiles and the Red Terror which swept Europe?

That wouldn't bring them or Israel a brass farthing!

Behind Communism: Who were the Reds who Unleashed the Mass Murder?
Communist Murderers become "Holocaust Survivors"


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