Friday, 22 February 2008

Support Serbia! Fly the Flag

With Serbia under another attack (territorial rather than terrorist this time) from America and the Neo-Con powers, there's never been a more important time to show that Serbia has supporters in the West (and not just in the historically Orthodox nations).

Furthermore, if we as people do not shout about American Neo-Con hegemony now, this will come back to haunt us in a way that will make the bombing of Serbia and the bombing of Iraq (with uranium-tipped bombs to poison the soil and the gene pool) look like some kind of Disney-esque holiday.

So order your flag today! At £5 and fixed postage you really can't go wrong!

Why not add the flag onto an order and grab a great CD, t-shirt, badge and/or FC mag subscription at the same time?

And don't forget our great range of Serbian Nationalist and Militaria badges (see 2nd link below).

Serb Imperial Flag
Serb Badges


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