Friday, 22 February 2008

Spies, Lies and Dodgy Alibis

Sir Richard Dearlove, MI6's 'C,' has said that MI6 agents do have a 'licence to kill' but, during his 38 year career, they have never used it!

He stated this to the coroner at the Diana Inquest.

The ex-MI6 boss must have been under some kind of oath - so can we expect charges of perjury for this Fairy Tale?

Whatever next???

They'll be telling us next that extraordinary rendition flights have never set foot (or wheel?) on British Crown soil... oh. Hang on. They've already spun that lie and been exposed.

This sequence of lies has echoes in the past from WW2 to Suez, from Iraq to Dr David Kelly (bumped off by the Sea Scouts no doubt).

How much more of this well chewed crud can be dished up to us without the people involved being held responsible for their lies, subterfuge and cover-up?


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