Saturday, 2 February 2008

Who Visits this site: Poll

No real surprises in our last Blog Poll.

Above Right: One blogger's view on UK politics, with the BNP to the left of the Lib Dems but more authoritarian than New Labour, and UKIP more libertarian than the Lib Dems...

We asked visitors about their beliefs, and whilst nowhere near all the visitors took the time to vote (53 is barely a day's worth - or even a morning's worth) it helps give us an oversight.

It's interesting that over a quarter view themselves as "fascist" and that almost 10% are socialists - obviously spies! No Anarchists though... do they not let laptops in the communes comrades?

Of course in doing a Poll like this there's no real room for intricacy: how many are Distributists or Third Positionists, how many are right-wing or Conservatives, how many are National Socialists, how many are (New) Labour, how many are Communists etc., but to have so many categories would make the thing unwieldy and somewhat meaningless in its intricacies.

31 (58%)
14 (26%)
1 (1%)
5 (9%)
0 (0%)
1 (1%)
Not Sure
1 (1%)

Number of voters: 53

If you took part: Thanks!

If you didn't - please do next time as it makes things much more interesting!


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