Saturday, 23 February 2008

Stormfronters Vote AGAINST Nick Griffin

Stormfront members turn against Griffin.

In the UK section of Stormfront, whose moderators have been known to shut down debate and silence critics when it comes to Nick Griffin and his control of the BNP, it seems that anti-Griffin forces have become strong enough to outnumber those in favour of Mr. Griffin.

This is quite an event as hithertofore Stormfront UK was known for being so packed with Griffinites and cronies as to make it pretty useless as any form of debating chamber.

Quite a few Stormfronters were even kicked off for being stridently against Mr. Griffin, whilst moderators often turned a blind eye to those who broke the rules in their defence of the BNP boss.

No doubt the BNP will say this vote means nothing, but we all know that the BNP leadership regard Stormfront as important enough to spend their own time in there arguing their corner, and getting their sycophants to be moderators.

It is symptomatic of a general turn (in wider nationalist circles per se) against Mr. Griffin's leadership of the BNP by many "hardliners" and even "liberals" on the matter of BNP finances and immoral/illegal behaviour in the upper strata of the BNP.

It has been interesting to see various puff pieces in the London and general media for the BNP in London and the South east, as if some people out there have a vested interest in propping up the current BNP leadership and helping their chances of a good vote in the London Assembly elections which, amongst much else, will effectively kill off the 'Enough is Enough rebellion' (that some say has already run out of steam).

Conspiracy theorists are already having a field day: is this the "Barbara Amiel effect" of a proto-Zionist BNP getting an easy ride from what should be an enemy media?

Time will tell.

The Stormfront UK results (sent into FC by email):

For record purposes, the final tally - JB wins by 72 to 60

Nick Griffin

.:.BNP.:., amy_bnp, aussie_lad, barrow, BILDERBERG, Bluenose1957, Bob Blatchford, bozley, Brighton Rock, british fascisti, CELTIC STORM, cymrubach, Daffy duck, Definite_Article, demo079, Eastman, essex girl, FBtheC, fraser, Fyrdist, Green Arrow, independant nationalist, Irish=White, JOHN OLDHAM ENGLAND, JohnJoyTree, JoinNewBritain, Knave, Krux, List, London_Brit, Lord Kitchener, loyalandtrue, MattP100, MB, Momofsix, Mrehomme, MrRS, MyEngland, nf essex, Nightshade, Norvic, PaganBrit, paganwarriorUK, Richard L. Lee, Saddleworth Historian, Shove The Dove, StGeorgeIsCross (Sid Williamson), The Boatman, ThePotatoWarrior, This England, TYPSY MAN, Viking Invasion, Walk towards the light, White Pioneer, white power uk, white-man, WhiteMakesRight, whitey1966, white_man_marching, young soldier

60 [45.45%]


Jack Black

Aistulf, always white, Andy Ritchie, Anglezarke, Another Day, BARTXX, Brighton Pebble, Brit Dave, BritishPatriot, bulldog 69, Caradoc, CleanseByFire, CooDayTar, decker, Doriot, Dux90, eddiefrombradford, eurowarrior14, Evaline, Forgotten sister, friedrich braun, G2QD, GeorgeWilliams, Gordon of Khartoum, Gr√ľnaugen88, hazardouswaster, HellBilly14, Helmsman, Jack Black, joefrombradford, Karl27, liesbedamned, lowlife, maximilian, Middlesex, Norsepupil, Number Five, nurse1969, Octavian, odinsdaughter, Oldham White, PATRIOT333, Purging The Droid, Radian_Born, raffles, Room 306, Saintrotter, scooterist, Sea Vixen, Seaforth (JiB), sidv, still standing proud, Stilus Virgo, Stockportloyal1690, SuffolkSkin, Svarog, Teardown, the wolf, The_stormer, ThoughtCriminal14, troapler, Uncle Stormy, vanguarduk, ViV, Waterloo, waylon, WhiteChick666, WhiteLight., White_Australian, William Joyce, Window Cleaner, zippy14-88

72 [54.55%]

Voters: 132.


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'maximiliian's fetish for moustachioed blokes of a certain persuasion and his camp style of delivery make SF Britain a dull venue these days.

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