Saturday, 16 February 2008

Multi-Culti: No Kosher Answer

BBC1's Question Time on Thursday Night was very interesting.

Right: "Mad Mel" Phillips has no answers because she accepts multi-culti as long as it is Israel friendly. She cannot, for example, attack barbaric Halal butchery without undermining the barbaric Kosher butchery (and the Kosher tax con!) which is just as awful and non-European.

Our old friend Melanie "Chewing the Carpet" Phillips was there and you could sense she was chomping at the bit to discuss the whole Archbishop of Canterbury/Sharia Law controversy!

Oh yes!

The arch Neo Con's eyes were gleaming! Her furtive Talmudic mind was turning over the various arguments she could make to come across all "British Patriot" to her Daily Mail reading, BBC watching public.

Sad to say (for Mad Mel, not me) there was a CofE cleric, the Bishop of Hulme, on the panel too.

He wasn't going to sit there and take Mad Mel's Talmudic onslaught. Although he was woollier than a sheep atop a Welsh mountain in midwinter when it came to multi-culti, multi-faith, Muslims and Jews, he launched into a broadside immediately he was asked about this topic and undermined Mad Mel's premise.

How so?

His most pertinent point was that Jewish courts (dealing with family issues and more) are already recognised in Britain.


What could Mad Mel do?

Attack her own people???

After all - when are assaults on the "rights" of the Jewish people and their Talmudic religion ever allowed?

These are all problems and issues in the multi-culti nightmare we've created, wherein anti-Christian religions and hatreds are permitted (and there is none more hate-filled than Judaism) and given free rein on the media to espouse their awful worldviews.

That is why for these multi-cults, it's great for non-White, non-Christian and (m)any others to come here, as long as they are "loyal" as long as they comply with "our" laws.

Hmmm. Even if they (pretend) to... no thanks!

Mad Mel cannot pretend to be against this multi-culti quagmire because she - and her ilk - are, like woolly minded multi-culti CofE clerics, part of the problem: not part of the solution.

Question Time. Watch it and take part in feedback


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