Saturday, 16 February 2008

What is Identity?

A recent report says that mass coloured immigration has been badly managed and that the British fear they are losing their identity.

It got me to thinking.

If you travel in Wales and Scotland (that is if you don't live in either) you'll find a people who are, to a large extent, comfortable with their identity.

Right: Scottish Identity is much older than the 300 years of a Union forced on the Scots by a small, vocal, powerful, political and merchant class (lessons there for us as the same class push us all further into the EU).

Welsh and Scottish identity (if not Patriotism and Nationalism) are facing a resurgence. Now we can all say that this has been stage-managed to a degree, and that it isn't done to undermine "multi-culturalism" (eg. the powers-that-be make sure all manner of immigrants are seen to be "Welsh" or "Scottish") yet there is no doubt that to the people there, they have a renewed confidence, their heritage is celebrated.

Visit an eisteddfod or a highland games (and all manner of lesser events) and you'll find people flying their flag, unashamed of their history, celebrating their past etc. etc.

So where is this lack of identity? Where is this ambivalence, this uncertainty?

In a word: England.

A friend of mine, born, bred and living in England once told me that to the average Englishman and woman the words "Britain" and "England" were interchangeable, i.e. unless you were acutely politically aware they thought of their nation, their country.

These are the people whose identity is under threat. These are the people who feel they are losing their nationhood.

Whilst Britain is slowly reverting back to a Scandinavian model of separate nations living side by side, it is the English who have had their history whisked from them, whose self-confidence is undermined by a lack of awareness, by a lack of comfort in their heritage.

To my mind there is one overwhelming reason: RACE.

Mass coloured immigration has made most English cities non-English.

London is the prime example, of course, but even lesser cities where the coloureds aren't about to become the majority, they are still a sizeable and very vocal minority.

How can the people of Nottingham retain any pride when their city is now known not for its past in the Saxon Vs Norman struggle of Robin Hood but for the number of urban gun crime, primarily undertaken by coloured thugs and hoodlums.

Right: Cymdeithas yr Iaith Cymraeg (Welsh Language Society) activists wear the "Welsh Not" signs that were used to try and wipe out the Welsh language from 19th Century schools, a form of cultural genocide of one of Europe's oldest languages, the remnant of the language of the Ancient Britons.

This very real terrorism on our streets is not "Islamic" - there is no "war on terror" here, no determination to stamp out this terror whatever the cost despite the fact that more English people are affected by "West Indian/African" muggings, gun crime and/or drugs crimes than any "Islamic terror."

I believe this whole impasse can only be resolved when the English people retake the reins, and start to assert themselves.

"Take Back Our Country" is a kind of nationalist slogan and can easily be dismissed as purple prose, but what choice do we have? There has to be a mind by mind, house by house, street by street and community by community raising of the standard of St George, the Jerusalem Cross, the banner of the Crusaders.

The English must re-assert their nationhood. Stop this silly internecine warfare in blaming the Scots, arguing over tax revenues, payments and even North Sea Oil profits... It becomes demeaning and forces the focus on the people who are not to blame.

Too many English patriots spend time moaning about money (they perceive, rightly or wrongly) going to Glasgow or Edinburgh, when so many millions are poured into the immigrant areas and corrupt multi-culti quango led initiatives in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol... etc. etc.

So there we have it: discuss.

Our Poll this week shows an almost clear-cut opinion with (so far) circa a third of voters favouring a strict Union run from London, with about a half favouring independence for England and the Celtic Nations.

Whatever our future holds, unless the English grasp the nettle and start to re-affirm their nationhood it seems to me that if immigration continues apace, it will eventually wipe out large areas of Wales and Scotland too (not just Cardiff, Swansea, Glasgow and Edinburgh), not to mention the vast numbers of English who will continue to seek shelter in Wales and Scotland (as well as France and Spain).

Left: An English village. Does this deserve rap music? Drive-by shootings? Muggers? Negroid graffiti?

Despite what some may say, and amidst the interesting environment of even Unionist organisations pushing forms of independence for England (seemingly contravening their beliefs!) this will all come back to whether we accept or oppose non-White immigrants, their descendants and dependents.

After all, how can English nationhood and history be understood in classrooms where most of the children aren't even European, let alone English? Might the English family's duty be to have more children as well as to fight to return immigrants to their ancestral homelands?

Maybe we can learn from the Indians!

The British Empire ran India for many years and shipped a lot of people out there.

The Indians won their independence decades ago and took back the reins of power, and the Brits left. Might not the reverse happen or is justice, nationalism, culture, freedom and identity only a right of Indians and not of the English?

Scrabbling to retain control of the Celtic Nations from Westminster (or indeed Brussels - but that's another huge argument!) seems to pander to the political class, obsessed with their own importance.

Why should any Englishman lose a single nights sleep over the first allegiance of the men of Cardiff or Edinburgh when he cannot even count on the first allegiance of most of the population of his own capital city?


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