Monday, 23 August 2010

Angels on Needles to Quantum Physics via the Bank of England

There was an interesting piece to camera in Professor Robert Bartlett's inside the Medieval Mind's episode on knowledge.

Many years ago I recall someone - who will remain nameless - who had been high up in the NF, attacking Christianity, using his rationalist viewpoint (he later outwardly and insincerely embraced Christian symbols and language to win votes).

He derided the Christians who, he said, wasted time arguing over how many angels could fit on the head of a needle.

Prof. Bartlett said they didn't. This was a Victorian construct, designed to poke fun at the Medieval world (in Whig history everything before the Reformation was dark, superstitious and ignorant).

In reality, he said even when Medieval people like St Thomas Aquinas debated about the nature of Angels, they were only doing what people such as quantum physicists do today. They use their rational thought to discuss possibilities in the world as we understand it.

I have often thought, when confronted by the likes of Stephen Hawkins on matters such as the shape of the universe or anti-matters (ha ha, just my little joke) as the nature of black holes, how much of this is pure supposition, vague guess work or at best informed gambles regarding these matters?

Should we stop their funding? Should we hold them up to ridicule? Should we stop the boffins who seem to think they can re-create "the moment after the big bang" however ridiculous it might seem?

So why do we poke fun at our medieval forebears, especially when so much Thomist scholasticism still holds water today.

I really think it's time we cast aside Whig history, which holds up as heroes Henry VIII (who it is estimated killed 72,000 people), Oliver Cromwell (who brought the usurious Jews back into Britain) and William of Orange (who set up the bankster debt nightmare misnomered 'the Bank of England' under whose yoke we still slave). And let's not mention John Dee, key advisor to Elizabeth I, alleged father of the British Empire and Satanist.

Against their record I would happily take the side of St Thomas Aquinas, regardless of the falsehood or otherwise of the Angels and needles history.


Anonymous said...

It is also a myth that scientist by their nature do not believe in God, many scientists/physicists et al do indeed believe in God.

It is also in the Bible that we come from the stars, White people that is, this is true as every element originates from star dust. The Bible also makes it clear that the coloureds are from the soil, that is why they are referred to as muds by those itk!

You praise the medievalist mind but you perpetuate in your fear of science that myth which was also promoted by Victorians that the medievalists found succour in religion because they had a mortal fear of science and 'unworldly things.'

As an aside, all this nonsense of aliens ignores the fact that they have already landed...they are us...White people.

Anonymous said...

So you liken King Billy to a jew stooge, (surprised you haven't made mention of that catholic lie that he was also a bummer) because he took a few bob from jew financiers, well in those days it would have been the only source open for funding a military campaign, of coursebeing a Protestant he couldn't make use of the catholics' own private banksters could he?!

The Glorious Revolution was and is exactly that, it kept the Kingdom a Protestant kingdom and kept the British suject free of the Roman heel, you may not agree with this being a catholic imperialist but it is nevertheless a truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes but you wouldn't want to accept the geo-centric universe, Aristotelian physics and Galen's theories of medicine, all of which were sacrosanct in the middle ages and all of which have subsequently proved false, would you?

Anonymous said...

The Glorious Revolution was a Jewish funded ploy to establish usury banking under a compliant foreign royalty.

It was Glorious for the Talmudists and alien profiteers.

It has kept our people in servitude ever since.

Wake up you fool.

Anonymous said...

400 years of usury-debt-slavery under the Talmudic bank of england just to be "free" of a catholic monarch???

you my friend ar a tool of world jewry.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between a Talmudist and alien profiteer and a Vatican bankster/alien profiteer?

One is stereotyped as such and the other perpetuates that stereotype to divert society's gaze from their own nefarious deeds!

It WAS a Glorious Revolution by the way........

Yorks Nat said...

Funny isnt it how it took a catholic king to kick the jews out, and a prod interloper to bring em back in.

cromwell even banned christmas.

merrie england vs. dour presbatarianism.

i dont get why so called patriots rush to defend the twats who let the jews in and gave them power.

wake up at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

"It WAS a Glorious Revolution by the way........"

glorious for the heebs

Hurry up Harry said...

FC -

these folks are wrapped in 500 years of state worship. They would give up freedom and older traditions for Westminster state rule under the banks, because it is wrapped in a Union jack.

All they do is worship the British State and its religion which acts to prop up the british State and its banking overlords.

Anonymous said...

if catholic states used catholic bankers they're criticized. if they use jews they're criticized.

william iii sold england to the jews for bank rolling his usurpation of the throne

Anonymous said...

what a knob. "the glorious revolution... kept the british people free?"

free in their slums?

cleared off the land?


serfs of the banker class which wielded the REAL power.

you need to take off the rose tinted glasses which saw a foreign chump stuck on the throne with the help of Jewish bankers who then claimed their reward: Britain.

Anonymous said...


so you're from the stars.

Buck Rogers.

Beam me up Spotty.

Anonymous said...

King Billy was a "bummer". only in your fevered imagination!

Sounds like more queer propaganda our kid.

Anonymous said...

Everything comes from the stars you ignorant c**t, you are more than likely a mud or have close aquaintance with such. Carry on watching Buck Rogers whilst the rest of us stretch our intelligence....

Anonymous said...

Don't think anyone made reference to King Billy being a 'bummer' it was just a pre-emptive strike before some Taig pushed the lie.

Seems that some just read things how they want to.

Anonymous said...

Everything comes from the stars?

Keep taking the LSD.

what a pranny.

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