Monday, 30 August 2010

War Propaganda Dehumanises Germans and Arabs

How war propaganda works.

How Germans were dehumanised - years later.

How German civilian victims were airbrushed out.

Right: How children were taught all Germans were evil.

The question is, why are we still suffering WW2 war propaganda and spin all these years later? The sole beneficiary seems to be Israel (i.e. that they can mistreat the Palestinians because of all the alleged actions of the "evil Nazis").

Fisk hints at the end of this article at the dehumanising of the enemies of current Zionist conflicts.


We've all seen how thousands of dead Arab men, women and children are stats, excused away by Israeli spin doctors as a legitimate result of war, whereas a handful of dead Israelis get copious media coverage and media columns on state-sponsored terrorism.

Left: 50 years on and the machinery is more sophisticated, but the war propaganda is still being churned out.

I see no difference between Commando-style comics portraying all Germans as murderers, war criminals and bayonet fodder for (American and Soviet led) democracy and the garbage that gets pumped out of Hollywood portraying all Arabs as murderers, mad Mullahs, terrorists and bullet fodder for (American and Israeli led) democracy.

Yet again we witness how the powers-that-be treat us all like sheep, to be led and cajoled into pens, where we are spoon fed propaganda and spin.

The Power of Nightmares.

Robert Fisk


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