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Lessons from Guernsey and the Isle of Mann

When the example of Guernsey* is given on how a society can be all-but tax free, some say that the size of Guernsey makes it easier to achieve there than on, say, an English or Scottish scale.

I disagree. The geography is bigger, the population bigger, the monies larger and so on - but the scale means that the problem is bigger too, hence the remedy is needed more than ever.

This is also one of my pet hates with patriotic candidates standing for election. Why on earth don't they propose local remedies to council tax?

I have always said that if any patriotic elected representatives were in the position to remove taxation by breaking free of usury banking they would be classed as national heroes. For a nationalist to prove that nationalism -- not Communism/Socialism -- has the answer to deliver our peoples from taxation and debt, would put the traitor parties forever in the shade.

But what of other matters?

This week I was talking to a Manxman about his homeland. He made it clear that even though the island's government was forced to change their law which had hitherto made homosexuality a punishable offence, the islanders would not tolerate things such as homosexual clubs and those found to engage in lewd acts in public conveniences** and suchlike faced public ostracism.

What a breath of fresh air to find common decency, community norms and family values being given free reign.

Another example he gave me was the total clamp down on drugs on the island. Even those attending the TT Race (annual motorbike event on the island) were regularly swept by sniffer dogs and even those found with a minute amount of "recreational" drugs would be locked up for the duration of the event.

I do not understand why our own authorities cannot act in this way. The death grip of liberalism, especially on local government, seems to mean that homosexuality and drug abuse are tolerated at best, promoted at worst.

Why do the authorities worry about catching mums on their way to the shops doing 34mph in a 30mph zone, rather than shutting down those who deal drugs in our communities?

Why does parliament find no time to pass laws that we desperately need (tackling immigration, corruption etc.) but finds plenty of time to pass law after law after law giving concessions to the homosexual death-culture?

Our law-makers and representatives seem to find no problem in, on the one hand, keeping us enslaved to mega-rich rulers of the universe so we are taxed up to the eye-balls for ever worsening 'services,' yet at the same time they find all the time to liberalise society on matters of morality.

Something stinks.

This is not how we want it. It is not how our forefathers want it.

We seem to being shafted on an ongoing basis, generation by generation.

In our children's or grandchildren's age the whole rotten society will be financially and morally bankrupt in the extreme, unless someone starts offering solutions in a sensible and attractive way to topple the stranglehold of the Masonic party bosses and media moguls who sell us out to all the sick vested interests.

*To find out more about Guernsey's struggle against debt and taxes, and how they broke free, read The Guernsey Experiment available from FC.
** Believe it or not but this act (aka "cottaging") is de rigueur in the homosexual death-culture.


Anonymous said...

That would never ever happen because democracy is based and created by international finance to maintain international finance.

Why did the agents of international finance assassinate Abe Lincoln/JFK?

Why was war declared on National Socialist Germany in 1933 by representatives of a 'certain' quarter in the US?

Why was war declared on Qaddafi's Libya?

Because both individuals/countries declared that they owed NOTHING to international financiers and declared that usury would not be persued and neither would any interest on national debt be paid.

Democracy means Death. We as nationalists must encourage communites where money/serfdom is outlawed and State dependency is not tolerated, this would rid us of a few 'on our side' who are welfare dependants but it behoves every nationalist (wether on welfare of not) to take responsibility for their own actions and teach self-
reliance/communal co-operation.

Craig said...

This is a related article discussing the example of Guernsey:

Does Guernsey still practice this or has it fallen under the control of the banking cartels, like everywhere else?

Anonymous said...

Jersey's number one source of wealth is....wealth creation! (finance) so as a fellow Channel Island Crown dependency I'd imagine that Guernsey would at least have a part to play, I know that it's a b***ard to get hold of a copy on both Islands of the Mirror if the seas are stormy!

Final Conflict said...

You are right anon, a declaration of not paying usury debt would most likely result in war as things stand.

That is exactly WHY we should prepare people first by pushing the idea of local barter systems, council tax coupons for part-wages, high street coupons as part-wages, local debt-free currencies and othwer similar ideas as a way to get peoples' minds AROUND the idea of debt-free money.

IF popularised and entered into the common psyche, these ideas could be promoted, spread and fostered internationally.

The Gordon Brownn government actually promoted Credit Unions -- which was a great thing -- but seeing as it hasnt TOLD people what they are, where they are etc. etc. i bet the take up rate hasn't grown significantly [possibly on purpose because then they can say even at the worst times people aren't interested in alternative banking].

As for Gurnsey it remains a Tax Haven [abused by big business etc] so I guess if still runs its own money production.

How is it that Big Business is free to run off to Guernsey -- yet the rest of us have to sugffer under a tax system where the wages we earn until May or June basically pay our tax bill just so degenerate poliyticians can sit in comfort as they betray our country to ALIEN FINANCIERS.

We are loading their pockets to the detriment of OUR people. Yet as you say Craig, they would declare war on the UK at the drop of a hat if we ever stopped being their serfs.

It shows what utter scumbqags they are with no loyalty to ANY country and certainly no outlook of common decency let alone social justice.

Even those who scoff at Third Positionist ideals and call us Communists [yes - they do exist] must admit that we must looki for answers that tear us free from the big banks -- remember, those same banks nearly collapsed the whole economic system, which would have lost most peoples' jobs, income, mortgage stability and everything else.

At the moment the system right down to most of us 'plebs' is like a giant deck of cards.

We should be dicovering, promoting, implementing and discussing alternative schemes and systems that will make our peoples free of the usury-debt system as a first step to everyone havinjg their own property and land, so that everyone has their own security that no State, traitor politico or power-mad money-grubbing scum bag can ever take away or undermine (yes we have seen them in the wider nationalist cause too - we must be aware of human frailties, most such people woukld cave in if the alien financiers offered them bribes of multi-millions).

Anonymous said...

I wish it was hard to get a hold of The Mirror newspaper everywhere else too!

Anonymous said...

The paradox of taxing the rich is that it NEVER works simply because the rich always find loopholes/tax dodges. It is always the poorest who pay disproportionately the most in tax.

At the current time, every nationalist should set themselves up as a business therefore making anything they buy tax deductable, this is what the rich do as naturally as they breathe oxygen, nationalists should of course adopt philanthropic attitudes to his fellows thus fostering an expansion of such activity.

Money is like manure, the more it is spread around the more beneficial the effect.

Final Conflict said...

I agree anon. This is why taxation is at the very best a necessary evil to have a basic level of social justice (i.e. the safety net that the dole was supposed to be, rather than the free ticket for life it has become).

The idea that we are taxed to pay for the super rich bankers and their hirelings is obscene in the extreme and should every red blooded Englishman and Celt up in arms! [i am not condoning terrorism officer]

I think the fact that the front-men and media faces are mostly 'our people,' plus the fact that our people are bamboozled into thinking it'sa complicated set-up, keeps any modern day Robin Hoods from leading us.

Sad to say the current nationalist "leadership" has proved itself as corrupt, nepotistic and self-serving as the other hired-hands of the Banking-Masonic elite who really rule.

Anonymous said...

Indeed FC, that is why it behoves every nationalist to study economics.

We are all racial/cultural nationalists and our beliefs are based on this natural emotion, there is no study needed, we are what we are and have no interest in others' (reference to mud 'culture' specifically) so our time ought to be taken up in concentrating on our financial freedom.

It is a sad reflection on the times but it is nevertheless a truism that our emancipation will only be won and sustained through financial security.

For decades is has been a disgrace that 'our' movement has been run with the same 'economics is too complicated a subject' to concern the masses with. Such an attitude encourages the greedy b*****ds such as Griffin and co-horts and also breeds blackmailers/informants.

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