Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What a sick bloody joke

Is this really what 2000 years of civilisation has come to???

That some mentally deranged bloke can stick a wig on, take pills to get bigger man-breasts than can be seen in a chip shop next door to a pub at closing time, and spout first grade BS about 'hate crimes' and 'transgender' gobbledygook?

What an utterly sick, decadent and morally stagnant society we live in, in "the West."

We think we are better than everyone else, better than the Orientals, Jews, Africans... yet we are the ones who have destroyed our own birthright, we are the ones who remain silent when homosexuals get the right to "marry," who remain silent as vast areas of our countries get turned into Third World cess pits, who remain silent as abortion destroys whole generations of our countryfolk...

We, as a people, get the society we deserve.

By God do we deserve this one!


Anonymous said...

Is this what they fought and died in their millions for?

It is a sad paradox that it is those who hold the best genes who put themselves forward and take risks, therefore it is also a truth that those who hold the best genes are also disproportionately those who are most likely to perish in armed conflict.

It is the weak gene who shy away from any perilous situation, it is also those weak genes who will outnumber the strong/decent gene.

Post WWI & WWII Europe and the US are still enduring the machinations of the rotten/decedant gene.

Rest assured that the rotteness will eventually die out and the decent genes will restore for itself the advantage, it may yet take a couple of generations but once the critical number is reached woe betide any who hold degenerative genes! This will also include the degenerates offspring of those who 'lay down' with muds.

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