Friday, 20 August 2010

Elton John Offends Billions, Anti-Poof Protester Gets Arrested

Now I like a bit of no holds barred fire and brimstone oratory as much as the next extremist, but compared to most this gent is quite reserved.

See what you think.

He is not a terrorist and well, he may use some uncomfortable language, but he is merely remind the degenerate homosexual celebrity that he should think again before blaspheming Christ -- which seems virtually an organised religion itself amongst the homosexual "community."

This is very American, but still the gent calls a spade a spade.

Believe it or not - watch the video to see for yourself - after making it clear that this was not a threat against Elton John, the author of the video was arrested for making "terroristic threats" (whatever that means!).

Link: Christian arrested

So a known poof can insult billions of Christians with no threat of arrest for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace, or behaviour that offends public decency; yet one man who insists time and time again that he makes no threat against Elton John gets arrested and bailed at a cost of $40,000!

There is no justice.


Anonymous said...

It goes to show that the only Law by which we should live our lives within our Christian society ought to be based on the Ten Commandments.

Man made laws are a blasphemy in itself, no man has a mandage to rule over another, especially the current system where lawyers and barristers govern.

Anonymous said...

Elton John is guilty of "terroristic threats" when on TV he said all "homopohobes" should be put on an island. I think he said and left to die or similar.

Anyway the prancing poof with the topiary on his head is free to attack Christians and anyone who opposes homosexuality.

Now shouldn't Christians, Nationalists and all men of honour take the opportunity to inconvenience the degenerate sodomite at every turn?

Anonymous said...

This is what I mean by lawyer/barristers and man-made laws, it is all a blasphemy and built on falsehood.

It is about time that we found our backbone and stood up and declared such. To deny Christian teaching is to deny Christ.

"You are either with Christ or the Jew."

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