Monday, 2 August 2010

My Family and Other Animals, or Marmite-Gate II

As any parent will tell you, bringing up children involves far more than that.

One of the many "offshoots" of all the stresses and strains of bringing up children to know right from wrong, especially in this topsy turvey world (in which, as GK Chesterton said, the traditionalist is the revolutionary), is the menagerie of animals they plead for.

I am not a pushover in this regard, but I also believe in rewarding good behaviour and achievements and thus, over the years, we have had quite a roll call of animals.

So it was this year, our little band grew by one more and we bought a rabbit.

But what to call him?

There were many suggestions from the obvious (Benjamin Bunny) to the more obscure and extreme (Leon Degrelle - I'm not saying who voted for that one).

Finally we all turned to the youngest sprog to make the final decision.

It was destiny! The name was meant to be, because without a moment's hesitation (it is claimed to be something to do with the little bunny's colouring) the name was announced as we all stood agog:


I just hope we don't get a letter through the post from Unilever. Mind you, Gen. Degrelle isn't bad for a back-up...


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