Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Should We Ostracise the Dead?

This is a pretty good history programme put out by the BBC, showing how the lives of the living and the dead were inextricably linked in the Medieval world:

Inside the Medieval Mind

This whole era and the beliefs of our forefathers has been pretty much whitewashed (like the Saxon, Norman and Tudor church walls which were covered in murals of the dead, judgement etc.) out of history betwixt the standardised 1066-Elizabeth I quick chapters.

The whole idea of "RIP" for the dead, comes from the belief of the dead having to undergo cleansing before they can become Saints - i.e. go to heaven, where they 'rest in peace'. So we would pray that the dead could indeed, rest in peace.

I always find it obscene today when any manner of scumbag becomes all but cannonised by the vicar/minister/priest at their funeral. Remember the funeral of Stephen Gately when the priest announced to all that a degenerate homosexual was in heaven?

And the idea that a child molester can recant on his deathbed and go instantly to heaven without having to "do time" for his crimes is not an idea of justice that I can recognise.

Anyhoo, the programme (maybe it'll be on you tube for overseas viewers) will (should!) be of interest to many, for I think the idea that we have a constant companionship with our forefathers, gives us a broader idea of history and that we shouldn't be concerned merely with our time, but conscious of the past, and mindful of the future too - what we leave to our children for them to pass on.

I believe we, as a society, nation and continent, have lost the central compass of knowing right from wrong that comes essentially from Christianity. I know many nationalists who argue that they can get their right and wrong without Christianity and some do so - and some are better than many Christians. But the fact is that without a solid, steady, guiding set of principles in matters of morality and suchlike, then we have chaos, where each person or set of people can set the agenda.

Look where we are today when the 'Pink Mafia' has asserted pressure on various governments to change laws and so it is "legal" for homosexuals to marry in all but name. And which next erroneous pressure group will hold sway? Which next whim, fancy or fad will push us into another illegal war or questionable "law" to undermine family life?

We have no standards. We have no accepted norms. We have no civilisation affirming truth. All is up for removal or erratic change according to the whim of pressure groups, media moguls and other primarily Masonic forces.

Of course we all like individual liberty, to be free, to have our own property ("the Englishman's home is his castle" had its roots in Magna Carta, a document enacted in the heart of Medieval England), to be free of government snoopers etc., but when you look at what liberalism (with a small l) has 'achieved' since the ideals of uber-liberalism were unleashed by various Masonic forces and taken up by various Marxist sects, it is no wonder that we live in a land where the traditions of the many are destroyed on the whim and demand of the few.

Even 20, 40 or 60 (never mind 200, 400 or 600) years ago our people were opposed to homosexuality, abortion on demand, mass immigration, race-mixing etc. etc. But after decades of media brain-washing and political party stitch-ups, most of us just 'accept' these evil changes for a quiet life.

GK Chesterton said that democracy ostracises the dead, and of course we all know that "democracy" is cleverly controlled by media moguls, political parties and hidden rulers so that we choose between poisons, just putting a mark on a piece of paper every 4 or 5 years.

The modern man seeks more affinity to MTV, brands of clothing, TV soap operas, facebook, and many other fads than they do to their dead kith and kin, to the ideals and norms of their forefathers.

The medieval idea that we are inextricably linked to the dead, to our forefathers is exhilarating. Far from being morbid, it exhorts us to live well and do well, that we do so in the knowledge that - like them - we will be judged for our actions and our deeds, and that we are just one more generation of our kinsfolk to file through this world, to be followed by the generation we leave behind.

It reminds of our duty, not only to do what is best because we should be mindful of doing right as opposed to wrong, but because our forefathers look on.

In today's world the itinerary seems to be based around self-fulfillment and self-interest, greed and degeneracy bring down even organisations built on mostly sound principles (one only needs to look at the history of Nationalism in the 70s, 80s, 90s and the 21st Century to see that this so).

We would do well to remember that all our forefathers thought differently and acted differently.

Maybe then we would look beyond short-term material gain, fame and the fawning words of sycophants, and fight for what is right.

Personally I believe that much that is wrong in this world, from the banking swindle, to the mass immigration that destroys whole peoples; from the millions killed in the abortuaries to the drugs epidemics in our communities -- these and much more have their roots in our loss of our Christian heritage.

Perhaps I am crying over spilt milk and we will never get those days back. But that doesn't mean we should accept them being airbrushed out of our history, nor that we should accept the evils washing over us all at an ever growing rate.


Anonymous said...

rather watch Shooting Stars.

Perhaps it would be better if you campaigned for a return of Oct. 31st to All Souls Day as opposed to the Hollywood inspired shite that is the oooooohhhhhhh so scary Hallowe'en/trick or treat.

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