Friday, 20 August 2010

Lewisham Under Attack from Degenerate Homosexuals

A supporter from Lewisham sent in this article, with a brief introduction. Locals, and people elsewhere, can blame the politicians who have promoted homosexuality. The police, who very often look away for fear of upsetting the Pink Mafia and upsetting politically correct sensibilities in local government, also bear a certain amount of the blame.

The article below shows how degenerate this society has become, with homosexuals at liberty to practice their nefarious activities, mixed in with drug addicts using public places to snort their powders.


The Borough of Lewisham in SE London has a directly elected mayor (or feudal king). This labour party king, sorry ..mayor, decides himself who sits on his ruling cabinet of toadies, and rules the borough as his own feudal manse. Normal council democracy in Lewisham is mostly redundant. He also has the powerful central labour party machine standing behind him instructing and assisting him. It was therefore no surprise when a local paper (News-shopper) published an article which didn’t show him in such a great light, that almost straightaway all mention of him was removed in the paper’s online version of the article. One can only assume as a result of threats, bullying or being reminded of favours owed etc.

What didn’t he like? Well he’s all for gay rights but gets nervous when people find out about what some of these degenerates actually get up to, especially when at the same time people are reminded of his support for it.

The online version of the article has had its text changed already and indeed my soon disappear altogether. But previously it covered that Sir Steve Bullock’s reaction had been to state that “Lewisham is a gay-friendly place”!
The article now reads as follows but is still sickening;

A HOSPITAL toilet, supermarket and shopping centre are among the area’s top places to meet for gay sex, according to a list published online.
The Cruising Gays website has a top to bottom rundown of recommended places in Lewisham and Greenwich for cruising and cottaging - slang for romping in public loos.
Each place is given an Amazon-style star rating out of five and includes tips on how to make the most of your visit, how to get there and even whether each place has disabled access.
Surprisingly, a toilet in Queen Elizabeth Hospital gets a mention. The site advises: “Walk past the prayer room and the toilets are on the left.”
One user says: “I was looking to p*ss, the guy in the next cubicle was looking for more. Without meaning to sound cheesy, I was willing to oblige.“
Elsewhere in the borough, toilets in Woolwich’s Vincent Road and Herbert Road , Plumstead Common and Thamesmead town centre all get a favourable review.
King William Walk’s toilets are particularly popular attracting “a lot of tourists”.
Meanwhile the toilets on Charlton Park Road attract “all sorts, from gorgeous to grim”.
In Lewisham, the shopping centre’s East Walk outdoor urinals get a three-star rating for its mixed crowd of “old, young, black and white” men.
One user warns: “Genuine guys go for a p*ss, but a lot of gays and discrete enclosed urinals so you can zip up if anyone dodgy comes.”
Travellers to Hilly Fields Park are advised to head to the back of the bowls club house and warned to watch out for dog walkers.
And potential cottagers are advised that the number 47 bus stops right outside Giffin Street toilets behind Deptford’s Wavelengths leisure centre, where the middle cubicle has a spyhole, described as “small, but enough to see action in the next cubicle.”
It is not wheelchair accessible and users are warned: “On some days there's a very nosy toilet attendant, old white man in his sixties keeps his office door open and talks to passers by for hours.
“Also you get the odd crack addict coming in to have a sniff.”
Beckenham Place Park is the borough’s only hotspot to get a five-star rating.
A spokesman for South London Healthcare Trust, which runs Queen Elizabeth Hospital, said: "Our Estates Department have investigated this and can confirm that there is a gap of about 1cm near the lock on one of the cubicle doors.
"It has been reported to the on-site team and repairs to close the gap will be put into immediate effect.
"We will also be contacting the website to ask them to remove the item."
Lewisham Shopping Centre toilets
Crystal Palace Park Parade
Ladywell Fields (a public park)
Giffin Street toilets
Beckenham Place Park (a public park)
Hilly Fields (a public park)
Oxleas Woods (a public wood)
King William Walk toilets, Greenwich
Court Road toilets, Eltham
Arches Leisure Centre
Herbert Road toilets
Blackheath (a large public heath)
North Greenwich tube toilets
Woolwich Sainsbury's
Plumstead Common toilets
Thamesmead town centre toilets
Maryon Wilson Park
Greenwich recreation ground
Charlton Park Road


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