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EDL Vs BNP: Who Will Win the Zionist Dollar?

The 'anti-Muslim' EDL, like the 'anti-Muslim' BNP before it, is Zionist.

Here is a quote taken direct from the EDL's own site:

We went to counter-protest in favour of the Israeli shop Ahava, which is based on Israeli land, and to expose these ignorant protesters’ lies, their deceit, their racism and fascism, which is always very well evidenced in every single word they utter, despite the fact that they desperately attempt to use deceitful propaganda to convince the ignorant public of their anti-racist views.


We wish to state hereby that although we were protesting jointly with the Zionist Federation headed by Mr. Jonathan Hoffman, we were not asked by the ZF to protest alongside them. This was our decision and we imposed our presence upon them. The ZF had no choice but to share the space with us.
We the EDL will continue to attend and organize as many rallies and demonstrations as we wish and we will be strong in exposing the lies of those who have nothing better to do other than repeat their pathetic and deceitful mantra of calling us racists and fascists when in truth they are these things they accuse us of. The evidence is clear. They are singling out Israelis time and time again, and this, my friends, is pure and utter racism. Make no mistake about that.

When the BNP rejected nationalism to become a single pressure group on Muslims, many of us (for want of a better term) traditional nationalists felt that they were craving Zionist support, Zionist money and an easy ride from sections of the Zionist media.

Is it possible to determine that the 'anti-Muslim' banner has been stolen from the BNP by the EDL, thus the Zionists looking for a white working class street presence to promote their objectives have decided that the BNP are no longer useful?

It is certainly one of many possibilities.

What is shameful is that the Nationalist cause, which always opposed Zionism and Zionist power, was eroded by Nick Griffin and the BNP for short term headlines and benefits; a situation which has allowed the rise of the even more openly Zionist EDL!

We have gone from agit prop demos organised across the country by the NF against ABTA travel agents, after ABTA chose Israel for its annual conference, to a situation where "patriotic" football supporter types are being corralled by an organisation which is turning out to oppose pro-Palestinian rallies.

It is a shameful situation!

Nick Griffin must shoulder his share of the blame because he made the BNP a "bash the muzzies" org in the shadow of "911" when anyone with any sense knew that this was nothing more than a CIA/Mossad black-op/false flag clandestine mission to force Bush Jr's hand, to move him away from his isolationist foreign policy towards an interventionist and positively Zionist foreign policy.

Quid Pro Quo.

The BNP became 'bash the muzzies' and even put out leaflets in London declaring that only it could protect the Jews from Muslim extremists; simultaneously the leadership of the BNP was pushing for dropping repatriation and allowing black members.

The BNP wanted to become what the EDL is (albeit a posher, electable version) but now the EDL is on the rise here and the BNP seems to be splitting and in financial trouble.


Time will tell.

Press Release from EDL's Jewish Division


Anonymous said...

There is no case to argue against the EDL's ability to get out on the street a large body of militant Whites who do not have the hang up of 'party respectability' to keep their behaviour in line.

The whys and whereafores of the politics behind the scenes do not in and of itself influence the rank and file who are still of the 'wogs out' mindset.

The fact that the myriad organisations on the nationalist wing push the State organised line is merely a means by which they hide their own shame at their own ineffectuality.

One thing regards the EDL is that it does stop those elements who just want to take it to the muds but that will change and, when it does all the myriad nationalists will still be nowhere to be seen, in fact they will be told to f**k off as the coward and leeches that they are!

Anonymous said...

The EDL will be shown to be bank rolled by militant Zionists

Anonymous said...

We concern ourselves with the 'rank-and-file' as we do with ALL those organisations who are from 'our side of the fence' who are also under the control/influence of State/Informants/Ne'er do wells!

Dan said...

Yes, but the 'rank and file' are muppets - easily pushed and pulled one way and another by Zionist con men and their front groups, viz C18, the BNP and now the EDL.

Anonymous said...

...'twas ever so with rank-and-file and it will forever be.

If truth be told, many on 'our' side are terrified of the power of the White working class (for it is they who are referred) because many on 'our' side like to talk a good fight but have neither the nerve nor the guts to get involved in any physical confrontation even less to start one!

C18/BM etc. 'all State assets' is a convenient catch all phrase to make any Trotskyist proud, if my colleagues and I want to take it to a mud we will.

Dan said...

I never said the bm were state. nice twisting of words there; trotskyist.

c18 were state, bnp were state, edl are state. and i dont mean the rank-and-file i mean the LEADERSHIP.

many (not all but many) of the rank and file just follow along until the facts become too obvious.

your fantasies of beating up coloureds are neither here nor there.

Anonymous said...

You may not know it but, you don't need to ally yourself/give your little gang a name to have a row, maybe you may not know it, but most football hooligans don't refer themselves with misnomers such as 'HeadHunters' 'SoulCrew' 'Seaburn Casuals' etc. they just do it.

By the same token they can make use of these misnomers to give the illusion that what is being dealt with is bigger than that which is the reality ie. C18/BNSM.

So who is being the Trotskyist now? You were indeed making reference to the rank-and-file in your original posting, and as to alluding to 'fantasies of beating up coloureds' I can guarantee that there are many amongst the 'State' EDL who are capable and have indeed fulfilled these 'fantasies'.

One thing that is not in question is that you are one of the 'chattering classes' and think that analysing/breaking down theories/'exposing' conspiracies is productive to 'winning back our country' let me assure you that it is not and you are merely a windbag.

Dan said...

as opposed to a windbag like you who thinks it is radical that "lone wolves" attack coloureds.

I can analyse who is Zionist because I am anti-Zionist, you fantasize about attacking coloureds and cheer on those you claim do.

It is you who are the fantasist. Reflected in the fact you dont see the EDL as the Zionist tool they are.

What other group flies Jew flags and has a Jewish section? Even the BNP didn't quite go that far.

Still, the odd edl bod can 'bash a coon' so that is all ok?


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